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  1. Yes obviously I dont know 100% either, so I'll be watching this thread for any info on your request. It is a subject that might come in useful in the future.
  2. Wow no need for nastiness. You didn't give the correct information at the beginning, on what you actually required. So many different answers. Now that you have clarified what you require, then the the answer is a 'Debit card' from any bank, which is available to everyone with a valid bank account. SCB, Krungsri, Kbank, TMB etc are all good. Try to be nice..you will get better answers.
  3. I have just seen a new article that is relevant to your question..please read it. https://thepattayanews.com/2021/05/09/thai-department-of-land-transport-announces-stricter-covid-19-rules-and-precautions-for-buses-and-motorcycle-taxis/ It seems like you only need the 'Mor Chana' app on your phone and logon at the start of your journey.
  4. My post referred to private car or taxi (ie: no restrictions) But as another poster said, there maybe some papers required for bus transport.
  5. Your post is not what the OP asked. He is in Bangkok now and wants to go to Pattaya. nothing to do with coming from overseas to Thailand. For the OP...there is no quarantine in Pattaya, and no travel restrictions whatsoever between Bangkok and Pattaya, although better to do in the daytime. Have a good journey.
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