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  1. Yes and reports that Cyprus is the first country to allow Brits' in from May 23rd who can prove vaccination..Let the flood gates open I suspect from then when everybody else wants a piece of the almighty tourist dollar!
  2. I have two sisters over there..both them and their husbands have had their first shots..A mate in London also who was offered it because others had refused it so he seized the moment as he wasn't due to get it till April.He told me a lot of ethnics were refusing to have the vaccine so spare slots were available practically every day at his local GP.I seriously doubt Thailand will have its act together anytime soon given the corruptible culture of how everything 'operates' here.They are basically going to stand back and let the rest of the world get the vaccine then just open the borders again
  3. It may get you the green light to exit Thailand but I doubt very much that it will get you entry into ANY of the countries that will have the new joint digital airline vaccine passport that Qantas and Emirates are introducing.Nothing against this booklet but it is old hat and open to forgery looking at it..these were used after the war into the eighties for polio and other diseases that were prevalent .I had a vaccine card to allow me into Australia..Small Pox I think!
  4. I honestly believe that TAT is just a cozy posting for well heeled/well connected family members from the Thai Government hierarchy..There just seems to be no common sense or accountability in anything they do or say..Thai 'logic' yes..and we all know how stupid that is!
  5. Was in town at Nana one night and up there in Spanky's and THREE Indian guys next to me in there sharing ONE beer..
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