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  1. I have had Gypsum board bathroom ceilings problem free for over 20 years. But the bathroom ceilings are high and the rooms well ventilated. They make several types of gypsum board including a variety which is significantly moisture resistant. I gusss I do not consider my bathroom ceilings to be wet areas but some certainly are.
  2. what does the roof have to do with it?
  3. that would depend on the kind of ceiling, wood, gypsum board, tile or ...
  4. So you folks can really talk about the quality of beef just by identifying the country it comes from? Try that with Thailand and what do you get? The stringy tough old buffalo or the Thai French? Both Thai.
  5. If the absense of masks was not enough that should have been. Why didn't you leave immediately before you even sat down? Go straight to Suan Prung, they will see you without an appointment.
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