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  1. Mail service to the USA is now working, maybe a bit slow but working. You can get a non po box address for the IRS that will accept DHL or Fedex if you try. So your problems were imaginary not real.
  2. Oh Thomas, please no more Many people put assets into the trust before death, infact most do. It is the easy way. The assets are in the name of the trust. This is done to avoid probate which is one of the major benefits of the trust. Lawyers writing the trusts instruct grantors to put assets into the trust before death for this reason. If too much asset value is outside the trust at time of death then probate may be required. The law says that income earned by those assets held by the trust before death of grantor can be taxed as normal on the grantors personal
  3. I think that comparison by Transferwise overstates the cost of Swift, there are more variables besides the exchange rate. Swift wire fee, intermediary bank fee if any and receiving bank fee are also variables. I checked the Transferwise delivered Baht amount for a USD 2,000 transfer last week then immediately requested a Swift transfer for that amount from a US financial institution. The Swift money was received today and was 320 Baht or 0.5% less than the amount Transferwise quoted. That was with a sending institution Swift fee of $10 but there are institutions that
  4. How much money do you think you save using Transferwise compared to a Swift transfer for a transfer amount of USD 3,000?
  5. This is not true for Revocable Trusts set up by individuals. I know for a fact that no tax identification number or tax return is normally required while the grantor is alive and the trustee.
  6. Are you familiar with how having a non-resident alien spouse effects the complexity of a Revocable Trust? I do not think any competent estate planning attorney is up to speed on the issues, few are familiar with it. It is not the straightforward situation where the spouse is also a US citizen. US citizenship is not automatic and often not obtained.
  7. Maybe she would like you in something other than cargo shorts for going out together.
  8. You do not need to speak Thai if you have an engineering drawing or at least a complete detailed drawing. In any case you do not need to be fluent you just need the vocabulary of the job.
  9. It seem from the article that you can do that just not after 10pm.
  10. didn't say 1.5 million more, said 1.5 million in either case the number is probably much much too low
  11. you should have one anyway You do not need to do a "bypass", hell no.
  12. No it does not mean that. Shut off the water at the meter. Remove the old water heater. Install a stop valve where the water heater was connected. Turn on the water at the meter. That should be not more than an hour with the water off at the meter, a manageable inconvenience. You may also need to plug the pipe that was connected to the heater output to eliminate any cold water backflow from valves connected to the hot line. Or connect a flex line from the stop valve to the output pipe. getting another similar wate
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