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  1. there have been many threads on parts of the topic with recommendations Suprise, there are people on this forum that do speak Thai and do not have your requirements. Simple, find some people doing work you find acceptable and talk with them. Well done bkk6060.
  2. A job that takes one person about an hour, two at the most and the two of you spent the weekend doing it. All clear. No questions.
  3. Eric, Since SCB is a problem for you why not just bank at a different bank instead of banging your head about SCB? Or when you do not get the service you want ask to speak with the manager. Or do you need a bath, haircut, mouthwash or more conventional clothing?
  4. Yes but Read long term visa requires you to pay income taxes on worldwide income. Negative if true.
  5. BS, I just got a debit card from them last week for an old account. Just asked for it and got it, no issues. Also in 20 years of dealing with SCB I have never had impolite, grumpy or bad attitude service, not once.
  6. Fortune teller BritManToo tells the future to CMNightRider, OneZero and BobBKK and any other believers. After the smoke clears, coming next week online palm reading based on submitted pictures of feet, light blue background required.
  7. Perhaps it is due, I have had nothing but positive experiences with CM IO for over 30 years. How much good experience is required before a pma is justified?
  8. You do need to get to know Eric better. It's an adventure.
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