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  1. I do not find ethnic or religious comments relevent to shopping which is what this thread is about. Why do you include them?
  2. this advertorial has been running for over 3 weeks How about closing it? Or should we start a similar thread for every shop somebody wants to promote and let them run forever?
  3. Why don't you ask at the places that sell LPG? Sell LPG tanks? Install LPG fuel systems? Or the on the automotive forum? More likely to find people who know about it. People here are mostly immigration whinners and food freaks.
  4. Same for me on two transfers this month. Has anybody done this and received a transfer not tagged as International transfer?
  5. Since you are talking to H2H directly why not ask them for references re your question? They must know who has tried recently and should be willing to put you in touch.
  6. Colinneil was not a tourist, was he? Thai wife. Tourists have no responsibility for TM30 reports and there has never been a report of immigration bothering them about such a report (unless perhaps they are residents using tourist visas), has there?
  7. Hey there is a bunch of injured people in the hospital due to no fault of their own. Let's make dumb jokes about it. Hahaha.
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