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  1. One down and counting. How long before 2 and 3? Or is it just re-branding? Dave's newest culinary experiment.
  2. That message seems to also mean that your input is incorrect. Try again, use the drop down menus when available, do it a little different trying several times. Make sure it is all complete. Usually people find the way and learn what they were doing or not doing that resulted in that message. I did mine this morning and it went thru immediately first time.
  3. Good point John. She may have little or no skills in the Central Thai Language, instead she speaks one of the regional dialects. Also even if she has the knowledge and does not feel like teaching, do not press the issue. A lot of times somebody close is not the best teacher and trying a teacher-student relationship does not work.
  4. So cute you are. Think you are clever. I heard that kind of <deleted> in the lowest of places here 35 years ago when I settled in. You really think that I have expectations of law enforcement here? Sheeiat I do not expect it anywhere except perhaps Singapore.
  5. Songtaews(red trucks, green trucks, yellow trucks and ....), buses, taxis and tuktuks, none are public transportation? but all are available to the public to use so they sure seem to be public transportation.
  6. Because a lot of people are demanding it be looked at. Because private people have videos of it that the police and prosecutors can not deny or doctor. If there were 4 black men involved with the killing of a policeman, you can bet your ass they would all be in jail and would have been since day 1.
  7. The guy "doing his job" made some significant revisions in his report after the paid guy's report didn't he? Also the guy "doing his job" gets paid by someone too and that someone may not be as clean as you like to believe. Many cases like this the person is a politician and with all that baggage. Which one do you believe? Not dependent on who hires him. Believe the one who has the facts complete and correct and reaches the most logical supportable conclusions no matter who pays him. Just because he is a police department coroner does not mean he is better at his job than someone else.
  8. Four officers on the sceene and involved. One charged. Were the other three subsequently charged? Are they in jail or out on minimal bail?
  9. So white police and white procecutors killing blacks and letting it go is a problem in the black community? I do not think those cops and prosecutors are part of the black community.
  10. Very common product but not usually out on display where you would easily see it. Did you ask? Did you ask a couple of people? Did you show them a picture of what you want?
  11. Really Eric, if clothing in non-essential how about you try living without it and see how that works out for you. For starters wear nothing on your next trip to Immigration.
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