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  1. Well yes if you like to worry about very low probability events. Having lived thru a number of Thai coups and having experienced no adverse effects, I do not worry about them.
  2. Could be the Hunter controller not turning on the pump, not opening the valve to let water flow to sprinklers, or....your well is dry or.... Hard to imagine that you do not have filters with the initial installation, they are essential to keep the sprinkler heads from getting clogged. But Dean, you may not have one. Yes by all means have Mr Suthep fix it for you but do not try to tell him it is not the Hunter controller, he will be able to figure out what is wrong and all will be better without your guesses tossed into the mix. Hope your wall is verticle. Good luck.
  3. Correct. Where are these new people coming from that they can not understand that simple concept?
  4. I have learned to walk very carefully when out shopping because I used to trip over stacks of that paper so often. Seriously OP, what were some of the "quite a few places" you looked for it? Dukes? The movie theaters? Pharma Choice? PTT? Amazon Cafe?
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