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  1. Dante99

    gluay tort / fried banana fritters ?

    Finally somebody who acknowledges that there are different kinds of bananas and seasonality.
  2. Dante99

    90 Day Reporting - Online

    Okay, for the first extension, got it. Sorry my first extension was 20+ years ago and nobody was doing or cared about 90 day reports then.
  3. Dante99

    90 Day Reporting - Online

    Never had one automatically done when extension was done. Extension does not count as a 90 Day report unless there is some recent change in the immigration system. 90 Day Report timing is based on arrival stamp date or date of previous report as shown on slip stapled into passport.
  4. Dante99

    Denture Repairs - CNX

    What is an international dental clinic?
  5. I think there are two large projects in that area, Fresh City clearly housing and the other closer to Macro commercial.
  6. Dante99

    M-C GPS holder

    Bungee cords are available many places. If they are too expensive you can get a strip of old inner tube free probably. Too bulky, use a chain of rubber bands you saved in your kitchen drawer.