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  1. Hope your mother is coming with you like last time, she really is a fantastic lady.
  2. Betting those number 2s are making a lot more than 17-23k the OP talked about. How do you put a cost on going crazy and getting physically sick? I congratulate you guys on getting through it successfully. I managed it for some years okay but decided anything over 5 or 6 employees was too much. They just got too much <deleted> going on between them when the numbers got large.
  3. Don't know about the between 7 and 8 but it seems quite frequent if not normal to require the wife to be there too. Based on many reports. The sham marriage for a visa got played too much and they are taking steps to reduce it. Like the sham money deals. If everybody was straight with immigration things would be much easier.
  4. And he just hit a few of the high spots. You are in for a real ride unless you just sell the place soon. Sally has been trying politely to tell you too. Frankly if you think what BestB has told you is bad, you are totally unprepared. You may note that it is not just farangs who have experiences like BestB described, it happens to many if not most Thais who are managing businesses too. The work ethics are not bizaar, they are the norm, well known and discussed in most books about doing business or living here. You are entering a new business in a culture you apparently do not understand very well, you are entering a struggleing industry in decline with a substantial failure rate. Do you bring a wealth of hospitality experience to the table or is this your first hotel? My guess is the latter based on your comments about staff to room ratios. Best of luck.
  5. You will not get much of a manager for that, likely somebody lacking competence or looking to find a way into the till or even both in one. A trustworthy house maid with 5 years good experience and no education can make 15K+ working in a quality home, that is with a live in room and meals. Basic maid in easily makes 10-12K. So 17k for a manager has to be on the bottom of the barrel.
  6. You want an experienced manager who will be given authority and have responsibility you will need to pay. You want something less, probably much less like Sally's "generic overseer" you can certainly pay less but undoubtedly have bigger problems. You say it is a hell of a salary for a Thai, first time you mentioned Thai. What do you know about salaries to make such a comment? There are a lot of Thais making 50-100 thousand per month. Has to be since they are making payments on a lot of expensive homes and vehicles, 25-30,000 in fixed monthly payments plus some kids in private schools or university will quickly double that.
  7. 80,000 Baht per month with an annual performance bonus of 25% if goals are met.
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