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  1. Totally agree with you, but some of that info is very new, and still more data is coming for all vaccines. My gf, and many other people we know also got the first Sinovac jab. I had an impression they were not really briefed how much protection they got after the first jab. Now since that info is widely available, the government should step up and be open and honest with the public about the effectiveness of the first jab. Hopefully...
  2. AZ vaccine is good if the South African variant is not around. And Thailand has a slim chance of getting meaningful supplies of mRNA vaccines any time soon, I would say they'll get probably next to nothing this year. Anyone who flies back home for whatever reason should try to vaccinate there.
  3. The Economist as an UK paper is supplying partial "truth". It misses for example this: https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/91658 "Overall vaccine efficacy against mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in South Africa was 21.9% (95% CI -49.9 to 59.8), and efficacy against B.1.351 was 10.4% (95% CI -76.8 to 54.8), reported Shabir Madhi, PhD, of University of the Witwatersrand in Gauteng, South Africa, and colleagues, in the New England Journal of Medicine." If "35.1%" is dismal, then what is "10.4%" ?? Then Chile says Sinovac is
  4. Vaccine smearing and bashing is harmful in the current environment. I myself was skeptical in regards to the AZ vaccine until I got some qualified advice. We need as many shots as possible, no matter from which country. Here is an excellent article which summarizes the problem of not enough available vaccines and the vaccine grab by the rich countries: https://www.smh.com.au/national/surging-global-cases-of-covid-19-threaten-australia-s-vaccine-exit-strategy-20210414-p57j9j.html Quote: "So what’s going on? Firstly, it’s important to be clear that
  5. Thanks! I just checked the Nathon hospital web site and they are doing health check packages...the most expensive is 2125 baht, great price. https://www1.samuihospital.go.th/weben/med-service.php I'll be waiting for the covid situation to get normal to book a test. No point risking it now.
  6. I used to do my annual health checks when I was traveling back to Australia every six months, they are free there. This year it looks like the trips back are not happening. So where I can do these for a very reasonable price: Blood Urine Cholesterol, sugar etc PSA Bangkok hospital here can do it, but the prices are quite high, and one doesn't need a fancy hospital for routine lab measurements. Can these be done at the public hospital in Nathon? My gf does something similar (and more) every year at the Cancer Hospital Surat Thani, t
  7. This is from the article you quoted: "Despite the apparently poor results in stopping infections, the Sinovac vaccine, like its competitors, appears to offer remarkably good protection against severe disease and death." Same article quotes that more than 120 million jabs were already sold outside China, but I'm yet to see any government ditching it. On the contrary, the Chilean government says it made the "right bet" with it. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/chinas-sinovac-covid-19-vaccine-67-effective-preventing-symptomatic-infection-202
  8. Private hospitals are not like governments, they need to turn a profit. If a hospital has a distribution chain for Pfizer/Biontech they may offer Moderna too, as the investment for cold storage is already there. If they don't have it, they need to estimate whether they would have enough people willing to take it, in order to cover the cost and make some money. It may be good idea to register interest somewhere (hospital maybe?), if there are enough takers they may import it, if they find something on the market at all.
  9. No they didn't say that... From the quoted article - "Gao <deleted>, who said Chinese vaccines “don’t have very high protection rates”" "don't have very high" is not equal to "low". It may be average, or better than average, or lower than average etc. Then some of the Western press newspapers turned that quote to "low efficacy", and that's how it started to propagate. Goebbels work. Sad really as the world at the moment needs all of the working vaccines, in order to get over this pandemic mess.
  10. More vaccines are coming to the market, and the existing manufacturers are ramping up their volumes a lot. Maybe by the end of the year there could be some surplus of vaccines, who knows. Also next year a booster shot may be required for the people who have vaccinated this year, that's billions of shots.
  11. In Facebook there are a few Samui groups, tons of current accommodation offers there.
  12. IMO the Vietnamese are the one of the smartest around, they value hard work and education. Their country will move forward faster and as they get wealthier everything is going to be more expensive there.
  13. And why the Sinovac vaccine should be dumped in the trash? Because it is from China? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-13/are-china-s-covid-shots-less-effective-experts-size-up-sinovac "That’s what you expect from Covid vaccines -- higher efficacy against more severe infections and lower against milder ones. From what I can see, it looks like a very worthwhile vaccine. The problem with the data is it didn’t include many old people or many people with co-morbidities." Quote from one of the experts.
  14. As I said earlier above, nothing is final yet, and more data and observations will be coming. Here is something which came today: https://www.smh.com.au/world/north-america/pfizer-ceo-says-third-covid-jab-may-be-needed-plus-annual-booster-20210416-p57jom.html It may look surprising and unexpected, but I think most of the vaccine producers would follow sooner or later with similar announcements.
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