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  1. Thanks for the correction, I didn't pay much attention as I'm well below this age The CC travel insurance I have doesn't have age limits in the PDS.
  2. It is simple to move when you have nothing here, but a lot of people seem to have made major commitments, like buying properties, having families, etc. They assumed at that time that the rules won't change. And when you have all these commitments you have become a cow ready to be milked. Sitting duck unable to move. Do you thing the health insurance would be the last change? There are many more options - double the deposit required for visa, introduce property or stamp duty tax for real estate owned by foreigners. Myself I'll never buy a property here..only rent.
  3. I voted "No" but would have voted "Yes" if any of the visa offered for long stay resembles the Malaysian MM2F. The current O-A visas and retirement extensions are just tourist visas with longer period of stay. The holders have no more rights or privileges than anyone arriving on 30 days exempt entry, so travel insurance could be used for these visas too.
  4. This is incorrect. I'm here on travel insurance too, which is valid for 6 months, then I can go back to Australia and come back to Thailand and the 6 months period starts again. I have unlimited medical coverage. The insurance policy does not require any specific type of visa to be valid. I've read the insurance policy very carefully and asked the insurers a few questions as well. One can get also worldwide 1 year travel insurance from World Nomads for around 1K AUD. Any of the offered O-A visa insurance policies would give me way less coverage.
  5. <link and quote from the BKK post removed > Which one is true? Logically if the rooms are 20% less occupied there would be less people coming? Am I missing something?
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