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  1. You saying this, made me think, the insurance company might want to pay for outpatient care for their own protection. If cheap or broke people won’t go to a doctor to save small amounts of money, they may end up with a hospitalization that then the insurance will have to pay.
  2. Remember at times when Thailand seemed to be courting long stay visitors? They would put statements out about various ways to lure them here?? What happened to that? Now you are treated like a criminal or undesirable or suspicious for being a frequent customer. I think we should flip the idea around, like airlines, do they start to reject you as a passenger when you travel too often? Accuse you of being a drug mule? Do they require more of a background check the more you travel with them? A deposit? Or do they start to reward you and give you benefits?? Thailand could offer a frequent visitor visa that you earn by frequent visits and time invested here, treat you better than the one time tourist who never comes back. They could offer gold status, silver status ...they love that stuff, and not charge of course for that.
  3. I wonder if Thai women who are involved with these men, get on FB and tell their friends how their boyfriend was not allowed to visit Thailand, how his big money on tickets and visa was wasted, how she is afraid to lose him and his support now. Is she going to find a replacement from the program of waiving the 2000 baht fee for VOA for some limited weird countries like Ethiopia and Vanuatu during their 15 day max stay??
  4. Well I think many of these type of men that I wrote about above, seem to be good tourists to have. The ones I met a lot of them were staying at hotels where I used to go for the pools. They would stay for 2 months at a time on a regular schedule for example. They had girlfriends they supported. They had a bit more of a vacation mentality than your average person who is really living here, so they were out spending and having fun. They knew they had work so we’re not on such a limited budget as some retirees. If these people don’t matter to the economy than why is Thailand giving 1000 baht out to Thais to stimulate tourism. Those guys spent more each day. And brought it from outside ...what good is it to get broke Thais to spend more traveling around for a tiny discount on some <deleted> item??
  5. Are you saying that you think your Thai person cannot go to Singapore? Because they can, it is part of ASEAN.
  6. Here we go, I didn’t want to bother going back and quoting your old posts with contradictions, and wrong information. I am not on a computer so that is more difficult. But now you are adding things I don’t remember being in the discussion at all, such as are they “paying benefits”. I thought we were talking about digital nomads which I see as freelance work, more or less. Not people with employees. That takes everything in a whole different direction doesn’t it? You tend to write things in a way that makes the meaning incorrect ...like above, the way you talk about SS and Medicare taxes, your statement says that a self employed person must pay double the amount that is paid by the employer and employee normally. I know I think what you mean, but that is not what you wrote. Maybe you are not American and truly didn’t understand ....I’m not sure?? But if you are self employed you pay your employee share as normal, and you pay the employer share, since you are also the employer ...making that amount double what it was when you were only an employee of a company, since that tax is split equally. But you don’t pay double that total amount. Then your your comment about paying Federal and State taxes ...well all Americans have to pay Federal taxes no matter where they live, so it doesn’t matter a lot what way they are doing business or getting their money, for a small guy working alone, he is not a corporation. He doesn’t have to pay state tax if he is not a legal resident of any state. He doesn’t owe sales tax, he is not selling things. Just because people you work with don’t 1099 you doesn’t mean you are not responsible to report your income. If they are all paying their taxes or not, I don’t know but many business owners and freelancers who live in the US cheat like hell so what is the difference?? You don’t have to register to be a freelance worker. I think one reason we had a lot of digital nomads, is because younger people could not find good jobs after 2008, some people who also got laid off from previously decent jobs, they took off to low cost of living areas, just like retirees, and decided to enjoy the time, see the world before they had a house and 3 kids, and they got by some lean years this way. They may have used some benefits, some savings, done some work however they could, and passed five years on the road, good for them ....better than wasting away for minimum wage getting depressed and doing nothing important anyway. Those jobs were not going to be paying a pension ...no jobs do anymore, if American they don’t get health insurance usually, get no BENEFITS ...many of you baby boomers had a great career situation that is not happening the same way these days. I have a feeling you aren’t American and got a few facts off ...maybe ...the fact that you would even say providing benefits as if that is a legal right ...that is not an American thing ...getting paid is about the only legal right you have.
  7. No1, when I wrote to Fred what you quoted from me above, I was somewhere in the middle of reading this long thread. It shoots my answer towards the end. Then I continued to read and more posts happened ...understand how it works?? However regarding your man with two different ages ...isn’t that due to one age being the man in the story who got rejected, the engineer, who is 53, and the other man who is older, is the poster who has has an account on TV?. I don’t personally think this is such a big deal.
  8. Fred in a few posts, ThaiDream made several factual mistakes, they are not opinions. Regarding SS and taxes and things, I read it several hours ago and I don’t feel like going over it again, he blatantly contradicted himself within the post, which is why I used the word nonsense ...as in ...it made no sense. Thank you for your efforts to control me. I notice you do that often with people.
  9. Well you can get proof of address document from immigration with your rent contract.
  10. I mean, people like to buy cars within the same province where they live because of some kind of paperwork hassle. I don’t know exactly how difficult it really is or not, but at times I wanted to go to Bangkok too, for more choices, and I was often told about that. People made it sound like it was impossible. But they might have been bull<deleted>ting me to some extent?
  11. You absolutely do not need a work permit to buy a car in your own name. I bought my first car with nothing, a tourist visa. I always bought new cars from dealers though so I didn’t have to bother much with paperwork. I believe though, that there is an extra level of difficulty to bring a car to another province?? You might want to double check that before you do it
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