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  1. Thanks. I did find them but their website is from 2013 and they have no prices. I will email them.
  2. I read somewhere that if you booked the night, then that was day zero and somewhat immaterial what time you arrived, though I doubt you could arrive at 6am and claim day 1 You could for instance be flying in at 10pm and easily into the hotel by 11pm but traffic could derail that. They cannot then add on a day because you arrived at 12:05.
  3. I might need to store some metal equipment in a circa 3m x 2m storage unit. Not mega valuable but I would prefer it didn't get destroyed, ruined by weather or pilfered Any ideas on where and costs. I've done the obvious Google but came up with no online prices and only vague email it off to them type options.
  4. I'll get "vaccinated" (it isn't a vaccine by the way) when it get round to the 73rd of Julember.
  5. Highly unlikely. Go track a dog but you won't track me.
  6. Mandatory for people who don't have smart phones ? Some sort of implant perhaps ? Ludicrous.
  7. Of course. How else can I afford to life in such a non corrupt democratic society ? Somchai should be round with the newspaper for ironing and the donations to my inner temple by 8am I hope.
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