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  1. Went back to "er indoors" asking for pictures and I gave some more questions about granny's setup. Not good. Apparently, the stone tub currently used has no tiles so we'd have to effectively make a new bathroom and then upgrade the electric because I know 3.5kw won't work but then we'd need a water tank and pump because "no hab" and I don't know why she didn't just ask to build a proper house. So armed with your kind comments and some updated knowledge, I'm sending her up country after quarantine and she can get all the detail and see if there is a half co
  2. Yeah, I experienced that in Buriram long ago, hence me going with a 14kw heater I suspect this "put a shower in for grandma please" task is going to get far more complicated ! Yep, we had the problem that if we reduced flow enough to even get the water warm, the shower would them cut out to prevent overheating. Rock and hard place I seem to remember.
  3. She has electric but clearly no consumer unit or RCD protection. So, costs to buy the kit and have it installed. Shower unit, consumer unit, safe-t-cut rcd, wiring, ground rod and wiring, possible wiring from meter, etc. Also, whilst I know a fair bit about multi point instantaneous hot water and use Panasonic and Stiebel Eltron myself, what would you use for a decent hot water shower ? about 4kw ? or higher ?
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