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  1. In my wifes village (Nakon Nowhere) all of the elderly and vulnerable residents have been invited by the headman to attend the local clinic on 7 May to register for the vaccine. There are some foreigners included in this group. I'm fairly certain this will be happening across the whole of rural Thailand to register those in the population without Smartphones or the knowledge to be able to register online.
  2. I had similar problems until I worked out the first number on the back of the ID is an 8 not a B. Could that be your problem
  3. If you've lived here for a while then you should have got a pink ID card ages OK. Easy to do and many advantages including getting Thai prices in many places (but not all). And its free too.
  4. AZ for over 60's - not Sinovac. First 16 million doses - this current registration is all AZ
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