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  1. Example: The condo I rent at the moment is worth 1 million baht. This is what others in same building have sold for and they're exactly the same. I pay 7000 baht a month rent. Simple maths... 1000000÷7000= 142 142÷12= 11.8 So it would take 11.8 years to pay it off and start making a measly 7000 a month out of it. This is not taking into account all the fees you pay as an owner. People in Bangkok and Pattaya are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying/renting NEW condos. I have rented 3 in both areas all new and 10k or less. I imagine resale would be a headache when people can get new ones so cheap. If you google "top 30 countries to invest in property" Thailand comes in at number 7. I have always thought it was a terrible idea but this got me thinking maybe I am missing something or not seeing the bigger picture. Phillipines was number 1 on this list so as someone looking to buy some investment properties but so settled in Thailand already I would love to know more. I suspect Phillipines condo scene would be a similar story but that's purely a guess.