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  1. Can u pls tell me a bit about your experience with them? You were already in Thailand when you applied? What plan did you wind up choosing? Thanks.
  2. Has anyone dealt with a broker with office in Bangkok familiar with health insurance for expats, and whom you found reputable? A couple of brokers have been mentioned in this forum, but they are in Hua Hin, Pattaya, etc., and I'd prefer to meet the broker in person. Please only recommend if you yourself have actually dealt with the person. Thanks.
  3. This regards those of us needing to extend our O-A stay based on retirement who are faced with the onerous health insurance requirement. The advice on this forum is to leave the country before the current stay expires, return after the expiry and enter visa exempt and then apply for non-O at CW. Would appreciate hearing from someone who has actually done this recently at CW, whether it went smoothly. Were you questioned about the switch? Did they accept the 800,000 that already was in your bank for O-A extension, or did you have to prove it came from abroad? Etc. Please excuse me if I missed, but would be reassuring to hear of actual experience of doing this recently. Thanks.
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