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  1. OMG. TAT. I THINK these figures WOULD PUZZIL a top mathematician for the Nobel Prize. They are all a per infant joke.
  2. Looks like the fire was forward. Container ship. Have the bridge etc at the rear. This is Thailand. They have an Admiral running the port, what would an Admiral know on running a commercial trading port. first off. 1: get the documents with the container contents. 2: Or contact the Hong Kong port, one of the mot organised commercial ports in the world. They will give the Thai authorities the contents of the containers. And even the container numbers and where on the deck the containers were chained down.
  3. My friends wife died,she had daughter with first Thai hubby. The house had to be split 50/50. As far as I know info childrentheclose family like a mother/sister/brother get the 50/50 i am in Khon Kaen and we have a close friend. He is AustralianPHDDr. His wife Dewis a top lawyer and represents the government of certain cases.She is very good and fights for the Falang rights. contact me if you want the contact details.
  4. I have 3 A/C in my house in Khon Kaen and I get them cleaned on average 2 times a year. 1,000 baht each, well worth it.
  5. What a bloody idiot. Well the French are known to F*^*k up many things and wars. Do things off the cuff, no thinking.
  6. You are 100% correct. Yesterday I went to my local office to find out how long the 800k has to be in and when I can use some. She explained all you have said. it has sorted me out.
  7. Quite a few drinks and meal packs state No Sugar. But they replace the sugar with other sweeteners and some of them are worst that the actual sugar, so don't kid your self.
  8. I would really go for Booking.Com. Tell them the story and hod them responsible to get your money back. Tell them you will post this all over the internet that Booking.Com did not support you with their help.
  9. Hi Guys Sorry if I am bit dumb on this. I am in Khon Kaen and just got my fist Non-Immigrant Visa/Retirement. i have the 800k in the bank but I need to use some of it to live and pay bills. when I need to go back to my local Khon Kaen immigration office for the next 90 day stamp, do I need to keep showing 800k in the bank. Cheers
  10. I live in Khon Kaen, these signs been up for few years. They do a lot of police checks stopping motor bikes no helmets and licences.
  11. Why dos' the World Health Organisation step in and other countries force Thailand prosecute the officials who are supposed to do something. And investigate Where the money goes check their wealth, banks and properties they have and where the money came from. All tourist countries should warn their citizens of the dangers to their healt. Then maybe (in our dreams) the top government officials like the PM will and could make it happen. The Thai officials and the likes of TAT and others put more blaim in bad tourists to hide their blaim.
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