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  1. I try to keep up to date with the Thaivisa forum updates, but always find that when they reach my inbox others have been posting for 20 hours or so. Nothing to do with my Email provider as other posts are received almost instantaneously. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. 70 years and 352 days. I'd never really thought about until I saw this thread.
  3. Maybe if there hadn't been a worldwide shutdown, the small percentage of deaths might have become a large percentage.
  4. Surely on Sukhumvit there's more chance of a pedestrian running over a car than the other way round.
  5. As life ends at the moment of death, it is an interesting philosophical (and linguistic) argument as to whether death occurs 'in life'. Perhaps taxes are the only certainty.
  6. Time will tell whether the UK has been over-reliant on AZ. It seems to me that with different variants of the virus appearing regularly, against which some vaccines are more or less effective than others, that a spread of different vaccines within a community is preferable. It is easy to see why the UK (along with the US and a few others) tried to turn it into some sort of a race, but it may well not have been the best strategy in the long term.
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