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  1. 200 baht withdrawals could be top ups or transfers to other accounts Yes. It could be whatever. Nobody even knows how this account or the movements on the account are related to the claimed story. EDIT: in a previous post the Supermarine guy dove up and said "it was a test, which worked" or so. So even he agrees it does not say anything and it is not related. Go figure
  2. Combine 200 baht withdrawals with a poorly made up story and the Twitter posts and YT uploads and you will see nothing that points to a right mind. I start feeling sorry for Thai immigration who does not get the fair treatment we are asking for. They must think that farangs are looneys and if this is what they try to keep out of the country, I fully understand their point. On Thaivisa we should focus on real and not fictional injustice.
  3. Yeah, I suggested this 4 or 5 pages ago but it seems that people start reading the first and the last page only and are then surprised to read that this story is fictional and the characters involved have escaped the looney bin. Have to keep reminding them in case the information gets lost if this thread is not being closed by the admins eventually. When you do find the twitter profile of Sysduan just look out for the stuff he uploaded (search for "added") himself.
  4. Many of us do not believe that the story is true and you already had to admit that the OP -although using the first person- was posting this write-up for an unidentified and unknown engineer who prefers to stay silent on this forum and has no access to the internet since June. He has no need to to earn any money in Thailand since he has a whooping 60k THB on the account. First you tried to make us believe that a defamation law suit has been filed. Now -as a colleague of a lawyer- you had to admit that this is not going nowhere and you will persue another way which will not leave any traces on the the legal system. So it all ends up in wether someone believes you the story or not. Am I the only one who wonders if Thai immigration is reading this thread and feels defamed themselves?
  5. Although my profile picture might suggest something different, but I am not in the looney bin, so it will be hard for you to meet up with me. I also wonder what kind of motivation or interest might be behind those posts. An exclusive club of IOs trying to scare the <deleted> out of innocent travelers? Na, that is too far off. Click baiters? There must be easier ways to get more clicks. Or is it maybe a poorly medicated and mentally challenged individual who has not received the recognition in society he wanted to earn?
  6. Agree. So the OP posts his beautiful write up, forgets to mention that it is actually not his story but someone else´s and disappears. Now some Supermarine dives up and shows bankbooks of that person? For me they are all one and the same.
  7. How do you know that this has been taken up as a legal case of defamation?
  8. It is a troll who posted, though. Why would he say in one post he is 53 and in another one a few years ago 58?
  9. Have a look of a video he uploaded on youtube and then decide for yourself.....
  10. One other interesting fact on Syduan is that here he claims to be 53 years old and in another thread from 2016 he claimed to be 58, so he would be 61 by now. I wonder what could be the motivation in making false statements about relevant details of his story. To another point, if you see his Twitter profile and have a look on the kind of youtube videos he liked, you will get a bit of insight on the mental state of this gentleman: https://twitter.com/syduan
  11. Syduan is not only an engineer but also writing a book on "traumatic, strange, terrifying or humorous experiences" in Thailand. It seems he has now a chapter to add:
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