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  1. What the people in this country don't need at this moment is government spending on ambiguous "projects" (of whose budgets a huge amount is going to be siphoned off by the usual suspects anyway). The people need direct, intangible aid and assistance.
  2. I wonder how many of these cabinet ministers who so generously approved this aid package would be able to make-do with a 1,000 baht per week.
  3. A monstrously ugly, indelible blot? You are very kind, Sir. Personally, I'd rather describe this sad excuse for a human being as a blistering, pus-oozing boil on Thailand's backside. And when the government feels compelled to resort to a shady, morally bankrupt character like this dude to act as a "trouble-shooter", I get goosebumps of horror. And apparently, his past is even murkier than we previously thought. Apart from his conviction as a drug trafficker in Australia, in 1998 he was reported by the local press as possibly having been involved in the rape and subseque
  4. Amazing how exact these figures are considering they all supposedly "sneaked" across the border. It's not "an estimated 6,000 from Myanmar". No, it's exactly 6,072. Somebody must have counted them one by one. Which then begs the question why the weren't prevented from "sneaking".
  5. Maybe he should have conditioned himself in Patpong, Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy before embarking on his trip. Just a thought.
  6. You surely mean 10 euros per hour -- minus substantial deductions for compulsory social security contributions, retirement fund, and income tax.
  7. Will be interesting to see how these economic refugees react when they're charged 10 euros for a lousy-tasting plate of khao pat.
  8. For that princely sum you can expect about 358 micro print pages of exclusions.
  9. In other words: Both Laos and Camboai are AHEAD of Thailand. Ooooh, that's gotta hurt the oh so precious face! Also, I am not so sure I'd want to brag about being in sixth place -- in an economic bloc that comprises only 10 member states.
  10. You forgot to mention the automated value-added function (a.k.a. "compulsory commission parameter", cleverly named after the abbreviation for the Chinese Communist Party CCP).
  11. The pinnacle of irony is, of course, that the Thai government in 2017 (i.e. the very same government that's in power now) presented an award to Australia's ambassador in recognition of his country's highly successful efforts in combatting drug trafficking.
  12. And when more join in blowing their horns, plucking their strings and beating their drums we have a bona-fide symphonic orchestra at hand.
  13. I have a different theory: Toblerone's triangular shape emulates the sudden blood sugar spike a consumer will experience after having ingested a couple of pieces. But I could be wrong. It might well be in the shape of a Hollaredulliöööhhhh Alpengipfel. Matterhorn, perhaps?
  14. It means you are a highly skilled professional in the public sector who - assists fellow administrators with financial injections from public coffers; - corrects false asset declarations so they are not all too obvious attempts at cheating the revenue department - helps curate the ailing personal bank accounts of colleagues; - devises skimming schemes so the needy can acquire real estate and material goods that they otherwise could never afford; - etc. etc.
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