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  1. According to my own survey among 12 family members, there also will be 14.8 million Germans coming this year. And 9 Swiss.
  2. Doesn't lending "moral support" to somebody require that they have morals in the first place; at least some? But not to worry. They all will be out on bail in a few days. And then they can "fight" on, dragging their feet for the next 20 years through 3 higher courts -- by which time at least Suthep will probably have died of old age.
  3. Maybe they also could sell off some of their overpaid executives... to fishing trawler skippers in Samut Sakhon, for example... now that all the Burmese are quarantined.
  4. 8 cars 199 bank accounts 2 million cash 54 mobile phones and a partridge in a pear tree
  5. Somehow I wouldn't be surprised if this all eventually is revealed to have been an orchestrated, pre-planned scheme to shore up the battered family finances. You know... - mia noi is a "gold shop employee" - mia luang and MiL time their appearance perfectly just as the ceremony commences, and not a little early to prevent it from taking place altogether - husband doesn't even bother to terminate the ceremony but instead creates as much noisy drama as possible to make sure it's all newsworthy - mia luang only goes after mia noi while hubbie apparently is completely ab
  6. You forgot Greece. Oh, and perhaps you also should mention Greece. You know, just for completeness.
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