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  1. Why is that? I thought there was practically no unemployment in this country. Isn't that exactly what every government continues trumpeting?
  2. And if the defence minister - that shining beacon of honesty and integrity - insists so, it must be true. (cough, cough)
  3. What "situation"? You mean his "situation" of traveling - as a bonafide resident of Australia just a couple of months short of being granted citizenship - to Thailand with his newlywed bride to spend his honeymoon there? Or his "situation" of visiting Thailand at all, let alone any other travel destination in the world? He was obviously unaware that Bahrain had applied to Interpol to have a Red Notice issued on his person.
  4. They routinely let them flee abroad in order to have them off their own backs.
  5. Oh, don't worry. I am sure they have learned their lesson and will announce it at least one week in advance to allow citizens to prepare before they're once again attempting to "bring back happiness to the people".
  6. Identify and harshly punish the "hazers". These humiliating "welcoming ceremonies" need to be made illegal.
  7. That is fantastic news! Not that it will do anything to compensate Mr. Al-Araibi for the anguish and psychological trauma he suffered due to the sub-human treatment he received from the Thai authorities, who shackled him like a hardcore criminal, and the several weeks of detention in a filthy jail cell.
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