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  1. Off with his head! Not because of the financial losses (which are not his fault), but for lying, beating around the bush,, deflecting and making false statements all the way in order to save his precious face.
  2. Maybe it's a typo and supposed to actually read "brain draining"...
  3. This must surely be a very shoddy translation -- or else the figures won't make any sense at all. 60 ships with 650 people on board, or just under 10 people per vessel on average? Or does this perhaps mean 60 ships, EACH of them having 650 people on board? And then these 650 people generate up to 2.1 billion baht, or about 32.3 million per person? Wildly inconceivable. Yes, if it were 60 ships with 650 passengers EACH, that would of course come down to a more reasonable 53,000 or so per person. And which cruise ship exactly is normally docking in a single po
  4. Funny how they always stress "traditional clothing" when in fact they refer to the formal attire of the aristocracy. "Traditional clothing" for the vast, vast majority of ordinary Thais of both sexes in those days meant little more than a loin cloth.
  5. Plus 12 complimentary crates of Singha or, optionally, Leo, to get that housewarming party kicking. Clever marketing doesn't have to be expensive, you know.
  6. As they say in my country: A blabbermouth will grab any given opportunity to make themselves known to everybody around them as a blabbermouth.
  7. I'm sure that will become the yarn of many grandpa tales. Grandchildren: "Grandpa, grandpa, please tell us a story!" Grandpa: "Alright, children... well, there was that one time when grandma and I traveled to Thailand. We had a wonderful time being holed up in a hotel room for 14 days. Once that was over, we even still had 3 days left to actually discover what was outside the hotel before our holiday was up and we had to return to China." Grandchildren: "Amazing!"
  8. If it were a video clip you could probably see them rolling their eyes at one another.
  9. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we NEED highly paid experts! Nobody but they would be capable of coming up with such earth-shattering revelations. I mean, who else could possibly have observed that Thailand's economy is in severe shock and that its recovery is going to be painfully slow. But who knows, perhaps those 41 messiahs that are supposedly arriving today will be turning things around in an instant and save the nation from certain doom.. ve
  10. You remember that (nowadays politically incorrect) children's song, don't you? 10 little Chinamen.... and then there were only 9 ... and then 8, then 7, and so on. I suspect that's what's happening here, too.
  11. Oooh, sounds like these 41 arrivals are loaded with money! The ticket cost probably was less than the accumulated fees for the STV and all these documents and health certificates needed to apply for one.
  12. “old hands” “tin of Dinty Moore Beef Stew” “niterie entertainment scene” “newshounds” “plucked from the ether” “tip o' the hat” “the tom-toms had it (and thus unconfirmed)” “I’ll clue ya!” “case of TIT (This Is Thailand)” “comely lass” “case of MANURE (huMAN natURE)” [But I don’t] “give a hoot” “getting out of Dodge” “demimondaine” “Hoodlums” “a sterling job” “mean-spirited folk” “Any (further) comment would be superfluous” I probably missed some, and perhaps even erroneously identified a few actua
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