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  1. Ace Ventura When Nature Calls Denial can be an ugly thing. (2).mp4
  2. Wonderful idea. But please also let those foreign fund investors know that around 35% of your vegetables are allegedly infested with tapeworm eggs. That will sway them.
  3. Better get those high-spending foreign private jet owners in quickly to even have a remote chance of approaching the vicinity of that optimistic $39.5bn figure. Good luck.
  4. Only an unintelligent person would act flustered to criticism questioning their intelligence.
  5. What did the little goat say to baby rabbit after the latter wouldn't believe that the carrot it was munching on was infested with tapeworms? "I kid you not."
  6. The below images were taken earlier this week on Bangsaen Beach by blogger Richard Barrow (@richardbarrow). Those scores of wealthy private jet owners soon to flood the country will be delighted to know. "Amazing Trusted Thailand", indeed. With currently no "dirty farang tourists" gracing the realm, I wonder who could be responsible for this disgusting mess. It also will be most interesting to see whether Richard is going to be hit with a defamation lawsuit for unduly having "soiled" (sorry for the pun) Thailand's and Bangsaen's oh so clean (sorry again) and precious image.
  7. Goody! Soon the skies above Thailand will be buzzing with Cessnas and Lears, all of them scrambling to hurriedly flying into the country to gain their place under the sun and spend wagon loads of their money. What a brilliant idea. Only a Thai could come up with it, honestly!
  8. You are quite right. Tapeworms live in humans' and animals' intestines only, larvae or eggs being excreted with their feces. That tapeworms are actually found on fresh vegetables can only mean one thing: Vegetable farmers are fertilizing their fields with steaming piles of... well, you know what. Either that or the market vendors themselves are tapeworm carriers and contaminate the produce by never properly washing up after toilet visits. As if we hadn't known all along... Both possible scenarios are equally disgusting. And forget about the "30-day vinegar treatment". Honestly, who does that? Certainly not roadside restaurants and food stalls. After all, as the article notes, these vegetables are "usually eaten raw". Pickling them for 30 minutes means you're being served a sour salad instead of fresh, raw vegetables. Is there nothing safe to eat anymore in this country? If things continue like that, shoppers will soon need to don hazmat suits when visiting wet markets.
  9. "Rebooting" the economy, huh? Thailand is not a machine that can be switched off, then switched on again, and everything will be back to normal. Some thinking outside the box is needed, but unfortunately our leaders are not renowned for that ability. Rather, it's "wash, rinse, repeat". When I read that they want to "encourage community level tourism and woo big spenders" I already know where this is going. Nothing has been learned, the opportunity for a fresh start after the crisis has been wasted, and it's all "same old" over again. But I guess that happens when ministers are solely selected by how much they lick "boot" rather than their actual expertise in their respective portfolios.
  10. Uhm, so did you illegally cross the border into Laos to collect these dead specimens, Mr. Sermsuk? Or did you collect them on the Thai side? The latter would suggest that the critters DID cross into Thailand, right? And as per the weather conditions... oh, well... I'd contend that the climate in the upper north is exactly the same as across the Mekong in northwestern Laos, and exactly the same in the Mekong-bordering Isaan provinces as in their Lao counterparts. Locusts don't respect human-drawn national borders, you know?
  11. I have observed at least 200 different races going on right in front of my house on the main road today. Please transfer my reward a.s.a.p., thank you very much. But honestly, anyone can "report" anything. But how do I prove that what I reported actually was a race and not just everyday Thai driving behavior?
  12. I am not really sure whether that's necessarily a sensible idea. It could easily backfire big time... when she fleeces you in a month for a multiple of what you would've been paying in "farang" prices over the course of 10 years.
  13. A Thai person admitting that mistakes have been made and that a system that has been in place for decades was basically counter-productive from the start????? I am lost for words.
  14. You hypocrite! The "crushing the spirit" procedure has been carried out in Siam/Thailand on elephants - the "sacred" national animal, no less - since times immemorial. EVERY Thai knows about it. Now, my dear environment minister, please don't make it sound as if you had just learned some shocking news. You know EXACTLY what is going on at these training camps. And of course the footage is authentic. Why question it? It's just as authentic as all those other video clips and media reports that have emerged again and again over the years. And what has been done to end this disgusting practice? That's right... nothing!
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