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  1. Interesting that you would group Thai Airways with these two bottom-of-the-barrel airlines. What does that imply about Thai... hmmm?
  2. You could have summed up the hostesses' attributes in one single word... menopausal.
  3. Whether the app works or not will be down to sheer... well... luck in true lottery spirit.
  4. It's those bad, bad farmers again who dare sustaining themselves on their own produce. It's not like these straight-as-a-die millers or "agents" would be hoarding any sticky rice in order to drive up the price even higher. The price mentioned in the article is the wholesale price that millers and "agents" charge... the farmers receive only a small fraction of that, hardly enough to make a living.
  5. I divorced my wife today and kicked her out together with the kids. Thank you, Thailand. Next targets: the maid and the gardener. I'm not going to risk them ratting me out just because I enjoy a smoke in my home office from time to time.
  6. How obscene that these executives - and there must be dozens of them - beside their inflated salaries also are actually being paid extra allowances to attend meetings. Attending management meetings are part of the job description of top executives and thus already should be included in their salaries.
  7. She was engaging in a certain profession that is strictly reserved for locals only?
  8. Isn't it amazing how ineffective the bothersome TM30 enforcement is to keep undesirable foreigners out? I said it before and I'll say it again: TM30 is worthless for ensuring "national security" because it cannot prevent undesirable foreigner from getting into the country in the first place. All it does is put a heavy burden on law abiding foreign residents and make them feel unwelcome. On the other hand, real criminals ALWAYS will find a way to slip through the net and couldn't care less about TM30.
  9. ...because he already knows where he is going to be next week. In London.
  10. How peculiarly thought-provoking that a news article about a brothel in South Africa should carry a photo of Pattaya's Walking Street. But then again, maybe not.
  11. Funny. I remember a motorway sign near the Italian Adriatic resort town of Rimini in the 70s, which warned in English: "Slow down or you'll miss San Marino" (alluding to the tiny size of that micro state). In the original Italian the sign made more sense, of course: "Reduce speed for turn-off to San Marino".
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