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  1. ross163103, I guess I was lucky, as he has one unit left and will get his next order in May. He has been very good about responding back to me, sometimes within an hour or two. So if you're still interested I'll keep you posted as to how the whole purchasing process goes and how the machine actually works and the taste of the water.
  2. Yes Carlos, you and "rwill" have the same guy. I contacted him yesterday and have ordered the HR-88c from him. I'm getting his last unit until his next delivery in May. I'll be sure to leave my feed back on it as soon as I get it plugged in.
  3. I lived on water catchment for 17 years in Hawaii and it was no problem as there was never a month without rain. It's definitely a good idea but here in Thailand there is a lot less rain so not as practical if you need to depend on it.
  4. Apparently Tipco Foods company in collaberation with Watergen brought in one of the commercial sized AWG (atmospheric water generator) and installed it up near Chiang Rai to help the elderly obtain safe drinking water. But the video is short and doesn't give much detail:
  5. The companies say that the water is filtered through 3 filters and then run through/past a UV light to make sure that the water is purified to drink. They also add Ca and Mg to mineralize the water. I'm no expert on the process. I was hoping that someone here has had experience with one of these.
  6. I'm starting to look into the possibility of creating my own drinking water from the humidity in the air. I'm hoping to find a company or distributer here in Thailand that has a decent reputation that sells these devices. So far I've only come across three companies that make them. Source hydropanels, Aquaboy, and Genny by Watergen. But I haven't recieved any responses back from them as to their avaiability here in Thailand. At least two of the companies say that their units can run off of solar power and/or the photovoltaic panels are built right into the units. Has anyone
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