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  1. Not sure how much of it is about burning undergrowth for mushrooms, but would love to read about that. Where I live/bike 30% of farm land is now corn. That has to be a big factor. The debate about where all the smoke is coming from seems silly and counter-productive. The whole problem is what to do with bio mass in general besides burning it, and changing large scale farming. Huge challenge.
  2. The picture below was taken last year. There was a crew of about 30. At the height of the worst pollution, they were climbing 3 or 4 meters into the woods and raking everything down on the road and burning it. It seemed almost like a make-work project. 60 km north, a friend's neighbor announced he would be "cleaning" his land on the weekend and that the friend should rake out the ditches bordering their two properties so that the fire would not jump. Obviously, most of the bio mass being burned is crops, but there's more to it.
  3. 2 friends have recently received traffic tickets in the mail for running red lights. The fine is 500 baht. The notice is accompanied by a series of photos making the infraction indisputable. Today, I was at the intersection of Mahidol and the 2nd ring road. The cameras pointing in all directions are obvious, especially if your commute takes you that way on a daily basis. I was the first person to stop for the red light. 6 people ran it, 3 in each lane. Four people ran it from the next direction, six from the next and four from the next. So in one cycle, 20 people ran the light in front of the cameras, potentially generating 10,000 baht of revenue, and hundreds of thousands over the course of a day. So what is happening? It's new and drivers haven't woken up? Nobody is paying the fines?
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