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  1. Balo please note above Now who did you say was 'Wrong'? The kid had no valid licence, the older guy showed a licence and hired the two bikes - read the full article, as I said most kids of 17 from the UK do not bother taking their bike test as they can ride on L-Plates (on a Provisional Licence) Not valid here in Thailand.
  2. Because they allowed their vehicle to be hired Illegally. And the explanation in the full report that the Hire Co hired to an older man who presented valid licences for both bikes is BS. Is very unlikely that a 17 year old lad from UK would have a full bike licence to ride any bike (they just do not take tests in UK at that age for bikes as they can ride on L-Plates until 18 then normally go for a car test or full bike after that age) Blame actually lies with the thai authorities for allowing these types of operations to carry on in this country but - Money No1...
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