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  1. It's very clear what happened... the road was wet, the song thaew just came out of nowhere, the truck experienced brake failure, the driver(s) left the scene... next case please
  2. kkerry

    Is this Metformin legit?

    Do a Google image search. Most tablets are similar to the photo below, with 850 or 500 clearly marked on each tablet, or, they have other markings. See if you can find one that looks like yours and visit the website to find out more. The other thing of concern is the quality of the printing on the blister pack. Possibly it's a low resolution photo but whenever I see printing like that it suggests to me it originates from a low quality scan of the original. KuhnBENQ even has to highlight to Sheryl the word Greater, that's how bad it is. Regardless of whether it is cheap or not, the printing is not to the standard you would expect from a genuine manufacturer. If genuine, and I doubt it, a problem with the clarity of printing like that should not get past quality control. The use by date is 2023 so it's unlikely the printing has degraded already. I just looked at some 10 baht strips of Vitamin B tablets I have and the much smaller printing is sharp and clear, not like in the photo. Printing like that on any product packaging, plastic goods, electronics etc. it's what you find on Chinese copies. I'd want to see a photo of this product purchased from somewhere reputable like Boots to compare with before I would accept it as genuine.
  3. kkerry

    wifi in Pathum Thanni

    Free wifi is more for static locations than when you're on the move. Getting a cheap data package would be better for the times you are away from home and don't have free wi-fi. You should be able to go on the True website and see what cheap prepaid short term data package they have to test before you commit to anything. You can usually do this on your phone. There are apps like Open Signal you can put on your phone to see wifi coverage on a map (not all the icons displayed are True). While there is free True wifi at Future it may not extend very far but ask the staff at the large True outlet there. Future Park shopping centre (maybe also Big C?) have free wifi. Never used it but the concierge counter in the atrium, other side of the gold shops near Big C will know.
  4. kkerry

    Help Me Im starving

    Regular Coke is 10.6 gms per 100 mls so four cans a day 132 gms or 33 teaspoons of sugar... Juice, Malee no added sugar, 100 mls is typically 11.5 gms so worse than Coke. If you drank your Tipco x 5 over two weeks you're looking at another 40 gms of sugar every day... and there are other juices with even higher levels. Coconut water has about half the sugar. If you like juice then water it down (I used to drink a liter of Malee guava in one hit...). Try 50-50 and eventually you will be able to do 10-90 like I do now with breakfast, just a taste. Ice-cream, a Walls Top Ten or vanilla cup from 7-Eleven, add another 10 gms per serve. A fancy ice-cream with toppings from a mall will be higher. That's 200 grams of sugar a day before your coffee, and if you buy one of those hazelnut caramel soy latte mucho grande drinks with extra vanilla... there's another 30-70 grams right there. Some of the big coffee chains like Costa, Hollys, on their websites show you the sugar content of their food and drink and it can be very high. Smoothies can also be higher in sugar than Coke... you do the math but wouldn't surprise me if you were consuming 300 grams plus on some days, more if you drank alcohol... When I stopped drinking Coke after many years, I woke up with headaches for a few weeks after. Took a long time to lose that craving for an icy cold Coke at the end of a long hot day, but not anymore. You need to rediscover your love of plain water. Stick to the low calorie regime you've been put on, keep active and you should see the weight come off.
  5. Perhaps you can contribute your insight to this Thaivisa topic I have linked for you... there are also other more detailed online articles available with more information about what it is he is accused of doing.
  6. No idea sorry. I only know the grey 20lt backpack because I have one myself.
  7. If it helps make you feel any better, the "expensive" grey backpack... 200 baht, from Decathlon...
  8. Do you have any links to this current "prime story in the news about Thai Airways shares" you seem to be reading? The Nation article has the headline "Bangkok Airways executives resign over SEC sanctions" making mention only of share manipulation at Bangkok Airways, not one word about Thai Airways shares which continue to trade steadily, closing ten satang up for the day. The Bangkok Post article today also only mentions Bangkok Airways (share price down 7% Monday) and three linked hospitals, not a single word about any share price manipulation at Thai Airways...
  9. Exception to the rule must be Philippine Airlines. Booked a ticket with them recently for the same price as my regular travel agent. Said agent always undercuts Thai Airways and Cathay Pacific by a considerable amount, even gets me a free upgrade on Cathay sometimes.
  10. kkerry

    Very high LDL

    Happy to see the actual results are not quite as dramatic as you remembered What I keep seeing lately about predictors for heart disease, is the importance of your triglyceride/HDL ratio. Optimal is less than 2, above 4 is too high. Your ratio is 3.83. With your family history you want to improve on that. Exercise is one way to help. After you have looked into the things Sheryl has suggested, ask about having a stress test. Cost will be somewhere around 3-4k. It will give you an insight as to what level of fitness you are now and how safe it is to proceed with further exercise that gets your heart pumping more than walking can. Exercise will also help lower your sugar levels.
  11. I'm surprised people still book on their website. Unless things have changed recently, the prices for booking on the Thai Airways site were always more expensive than doing so through a good local travel agent in my experience. Same for Cathay Pacific.
  12. kkerry

    Very high LDL

    If the hospital is not far away, drop by and if you ask nicely I'm sure they will print up another copy for you on the spot, rather than wait another couple of weeks. Always keep your test results and scan them so if you go to a different hospital you can show them a history from your phone If the figures you quoted are correct then there maybe more to it than that... if they are correct, from what you're saying, not obese, non smoker, don't drink, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, physically active, then it sounds like diet may not be the only issue. Do you drink lots of fruit juice or soft drink (high in sugar)? You said low in salt.. in a hot climate you don't want to cut back too much as we all need some salt to function. I absolutely used to be that person. Needed to have my blood taken while lying down as I always felt like I was going to keel over otherwise, white as a sheet afterwards I've been told, feeling cold, clammy, light headed, doctor coming over to see what was wrong one time. Now, no problem, I no longer dread blood testing. What changed? I drink a lot more water so better hydrated. Means the vein is easier to find and the needle barely hurts. If you had a fasting blood sugar test (did you???) it means Nil By Mouth for 8-12 hrs before in most Thai hospitals. If you were already a bit dehydrated before that, it could help explain you nearly passing out.
  13. kkerry

    Very high LDL

    If 106 is a result for fasting blood sugar then you're already in the prediabetic range (100-125 mg/dL). You need to get back under 100. Change of diet, exercise will do it. I was 113 a few years ago, 93 currently. A bit on the high side but mine is similar if they test me soon after I've walked ten minutes and up a flight of stairs to go see a doctor. It comes down to 124/68 when they hook me up and do a resting BP before a stress test. Get yourself a BP home monitor kit to test yourself at different times of the day. May come down a bit if you're more relaxed. That is a very high LDL (are sure it's not your total cholesterol number?). For HDL 40-60 is normal and good. Only person I know with 80+ HDL takes four fish oil caps a day. So you're not a drinker or smoker and your BMI is similar to mine. Any thyroid problems? What was your Total Cholesterol and your Triglyceride figure? What happened to Your brother would worry me most. I was reading about David Letterman (US TV show host) the other day, and the story behind his quintuple bypass. Very high cholesterol level, a famous cigar smoker, but fit (a runner). Immediate family history was considered to be highly important. Letterman had been tested regularly because of this and it's what saved his life. He had been for a run the day before his emergency operation.