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  1. Surprised they were allowed to do this and it is actually being publicised in the Thai media due the similarities with what has happened here in the past.
  2. With Wissanu chairing this committee it tells you everything you need to know. This is a man whose built his whole career by pawning himself to anyone in power and lied in any way possible to protect the establishment.
  3. There is nothing to be proud of and that is a shocking indictment of how bad the education system is here. The best Thailand has to offer is 122 in Asia!
  4. Only here could a man in his mid 70s that has been photographed on many occasions sleeping during government meetings be tipped to become a party leader.
  5. I imagine the likes of Prayut and Prawit would both like a slice of that pie.
  6. Minimal discounts and nothing very interesting at all. Things like the weather, TM30 and general uncertainty of travel would make me not waste my time in my upcoming summer holiday.
  7. All will be hushed up somehow. I think the corruption within THAI Airways goes right to the very top. Just look at where one of their parked aircraft recently turned up.
  8. Just like we have seen in the UK. Do as I say but not as I do.
  9. This is a man who refers to the Thai military as 'sacred' and that recently said the military were helping protect the country from an online proxy war. Looking at him and his family background I would not believe a word he says.
  10. International schools were due to reopen last Monday (1st June). They were told this as a provisional date in mid May by ISAT. Most international schools informed parents and planned for a return of students for this week. It was only at about 3pm last Friday we were informed we could not open again.
  11. Same as always (August) for nearly all of the British curriculum schools here. International schools never closed and continued to teach remotely online.
  12. Let's really hope he serves some time now. This whole story again epitomises what a farce the justice system is here.
  13. Wow, I am not sure where to start with this. There just isn't the expertise or knowledge to do this here and there also is not a demand for Thai produced TV / movies. I know an expat TV producer here who has been involved in lots of the reality shows like Thailand's Got Talent and The Voice. He has told me some great stories about the people in these companies. Let's not forget, this is a country that struggles to get working app or website etc and very recently failed massively in setting up a TV network for students at home.
  14. No need to worry. The highly trusted Wissanu is chairman of the committee so he will see that it is sorted effectively.
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