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  1. So the army, who effectively still run the country, has one of their employees firing guns at two women in public. This place is becoming more and more absurd by the week.
  2. If THAI really want to reform the company they should be trying to get Rupert Hogg. However, A - I doubt he would be interested and B - I am sure there is some rule that wouldn't allow a non - Thai to become the CEO of a government owned company.
  3. With Thailand having one of the highest, if not the highest, inequality in terms of its wealth spread then I cannot see this ever changing. This is definitely a country (like many others I will add) where the rich stay rich and the rest don't matter one iota.
  4. I look forward to the New Year safety campaign being released soon. I wonder what gems they will suggest this year to try and lower the utterly deplorable death toll.
  5. By all accounts he is very close with the big man and seems to have full backing. Nothing will happen to him and the vision he spoke about is a real possibility here.
  6. I agree, but they are utterly useless. They completely damaged our UK marriage certificate at the Thai Embassy in London and after calling them and emailing them we still got no reply or apology.
  7. The source of this post tells you everything you need to know. A North Korea - esque press release.
  8. As usual, a quick Skyscanner search for return flights to Heathrow came out at - EVA - 26k BA - 27k THAI - 34k
  9. Yeah, I had this a few years ago. I had to go to the British Embassy to complete a declaration form to state that I was the same person. I think it cost around 3000b.
  10. Tempting, but could be disastrous. We need more info from the OP regarding all their ages etc.
  11. His speech seemed to epitomise why a military should have absolutely no involvement in running a country in the 21st century.
  12. A similar article is sent out almost weekly by these lot. The high baht is one factor, but there are also many other issues within the country that are negatively affecting tourism (corruption, a military dictatorship, pollution up and down the country, high prices of things like wine, scams galore, terrible safety standards, hassle around returning tourists with VOA etc etc etc). As usual, the likes of TAT and the government probably think that everyone outside of Thailand perceives it as some tropical paradise like it was in the 70s and 80s. They are so reactive to everything and never demonstrate any proactive traits in terms of actually trying to boost a sector which is absolutely huge to the GDP of this country. I actually walked past the TAT HQ on Phetchaburi Road recently and saw next to the entrance some of their morals written in English. There was things like creativity, integrity and honesty. none of which they seem to able to put in to practice. They milked up tourism in the early days and up until quite recently, but they seem to have put nothing in place to be able to continue this. As many other posters have mentioned before, once you start losing people it is very hard to bring them back.
  13. Google Maps is dreadful here on a week day. I drove home from work last Friday after playing footy and it said 25 mins, whereas it ended up being nearly an hour. If he is going out towards the airport every day then I would definitely be around Thong Lor or Ekkamai with your budget. Staying down near the river would be a bad call.
  14. I imagine the OP is on the wind up.
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