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  1. As usual, a few bad tourists stories and suddenly out comes a classic like this.
  2. Not sure it would be good to share her FB or IG on here, but she is a real looker and quite into the bedroom antics from what he told me. She was the one who ended it.
  3. Which the majority of Thais lack. The whole system here is at fault. It breeds people like her.
  4. So 2.3M tourists for Songkran, 2M of which are local .
  5. I fully agree with the clamp down on people working here illegally, but Thailand really need to issue something like the UK or USA 10 year tourist visa which my wife has. She can go and visit multiple times but not stay for over 6 months in any one year. It would solve lots of these issues and allow the people (who I know quite a few) that want to come in and out at different times throughout the year. These people are here on holiday, they mostly work abroad or remotely and spend their money in Thailand. A few guys I know work offshore and come here when they aren't working to visit their GFs. Thailand is going to regret this foreign witch hunt I think.
  6. Surely he will be on a flight out the country within hours and then unable to return due to illness.
  7. Fair points. Many of the well established schools are almost impossible to get in. International schools cater for such a small amount of the population here that I guess my point is that even though they will always recruit students, they must be making losses whilst running such huge campuses with such a small intake. I know someone who is moving to Wellington in August. They said it was quite strange going in for their interview to somewhere so state of the art, yet so quiet. It didn't really feel like a school. I guess we will see in the near future if these places can maintain it.
  8. The fees for these new purpose built schools are huge I would guess. 500k - 1M annually.
  9. Incredible theory. I love the press releases here from so called experts. I drove out just past Don Muaeng yesterday to play golf. On the way there and back we saw twelve bikes driving on the wrong side of the road and one Mercedes driving into the Grand Canal housing complex that decided to go down the wrong side of the road as he / she couldn't be bothered to drive 1 or 2 minutes further for the u - turn. These experts can think up any ideas they want but nobody here will follow the rules. The roads are completely lawless.
  10. Even as an international school teacher, the amount of them opening now is ridiculous. You have new places like Wellington, Rugby and Brighton recently opened, with huge campuses that must have cost millions of $, yet only have a few hundred children enrolling. It surely isn't sustainable.
  11. Limoncello would be my guess. Used to be very good, but the last few times we have been it hasn't been as impressive. Seems like the father and son (?) who used to be there are no longer.
  12. Complete pot luck. I have paid 30% before on items I already owned that were sent over from England. However, my wife's friend in America recently sent her over some trainers that were valued at 8000b, there was no import duty for some reason.
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