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  1. Alcohol may have played some part, but there will have been FAR less vehicles on the road on Tuesday. As I said in another thread, driving around Bangkok on Tuesday was a dream as it felt so quiet. If you look at the image above the weekends generally have less fatalities, sometimes more than half. Alcohol is not the only reason as they're incompetently suggesting. Less vehicles on the road = Less accidents.
  2. One would think that if you don't like / can't take criticism then you don't go into politics.
  3. You can generally spot them a mile off as they seem to look and carry themselves differently to Thai women. A guy I used to know here was seeing a half Swiss / half Thai girl for a while (might still be doing so). She was beautiful, but didn't really look Thai at all.
  4. Wow. I didn't think this morning's press release about accidents being down on a public holiday could be beaten. How does this guy think a points system for foreign tourists is ever going to implemented? They can't even implement a legal points system for Thai citizens to follow. How these pluggers get into positions and are actually able to release such nonsense is truly baffling.
  5. What an incredible press release. These are people in paid roles Not only do they not release the correct numbers of deaths per day (which have been published online many times before), they also fail to see what it is they are suggesting. Although alcohol will always play a role in some car accidents, do they not realise that on a public holiday there will be far less cars and motorbikes on the road. Driving in Bangkok yesterday was a dream. The less vehicles on the road = less accidents. Who would have thought it.
  6. I wonder where all the workers who love a parp go and smoke now.
  7. Strange story with lots of things that as others have mentioned, don't really add up.
  8. I would add another thing to definitely think about as you mentioned about starting a family. Nearly all of the international schools offer free education to children of staff. A lot of the more exclusive private bilingual schools do not. This was one of our big issues when we moved back here from England and thankfully something we shouldn't now need to worry about. If you're thinking of settling here long term it could well be worth biting the bullet and going home for a year to get fully qualified and aiming for a job at an international school. TES as usual has many posts at the moment and has been busy since November. Many people also say that just because you have a PGCE and QTS but have not completed your NQT year you won't get into an international school. I think ideally yes, they prefer to appoint staff with full UK experience, but I know of two schools in Bangkok (high level) who have appointed staff that are currently doing their PGCE this academic year (although I will add they are both female and that does have an advantage here).
  9. What I love (in typical Thai style) is some stations are enforcing it and others aren't. Madness.
  10. Sad to hear. Although very coincidentally, my mate in Bangkok (who is also 30 like myself and from England) told me in the pub last month that he had been seeing some new girl he had met after initially chatting on Instagram. I certainly hope it isn't him.
  11. I play 2 - 3 times a month in and around Bangkok. I always give them the same as what the caddy fee was at the clubhouse. I have not idea what % they get from that fee. For example on Saturday the caddy fee to the club was 300, I then gave her 300 at the end of the round. I will also buy them a drink on the way round too. I don't really care how good or bad they are as I prefer to choose the clubs myself based on my yardages and I also like take my own score so I can keep count of stableford points and putts etc. Therefore she is only pulling the trolley. I certainly miss the joys and ease of playing in the UK where I didn't need a caddy or was always paired up with other players on my round with my mate
  12. Becus you velly hansum man. Is this a 'real' international school, or some cowboy outfit? If it is the former, I would have thought you can easily ask them to remove yourself from their advertising.
  13. If it is similar to the St Joseph's Convent on Silom then the prices will be much more than 50 - 100k a year.
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