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  1. I came here 1980s first time. One time here at Jomptien the royal family were at Jomptien beach near to dong tang police, and were swimming there, afterwoods they stopped the motorcade on second road corner Pattaya land soi 1, open air eating place, and ate before returning to Bangkok..........never saw them after that, that maybe tells us why ??? many years later ALL Pattaya beach road was torn up, huge pipes laid that eventually went past Bali Hi, and beyond the pier as it is now.....so all that for what ???
  2. At the end of the day we have to rely on our mods to stop this style of posts and decide who is a wind up/rude/.... normally near all these people are baiting with comments and rarely contribute to the topic in the interests of most members
  3. Bkk hospital, picture this, I went to get a sinus discharge sorted, on the printout consultants fees, nurses fees, attendance desk fees, plus this that and the other, THEN the pharmacy items, all paid for cash. Taking everything prescribed over the week, no improvement, I went back to report on this, the consultant said it COULD be an allergy, so she sent me for X rays, Believe it or not she said I had kidney stone, and a little lung infection. then asked me to go to these other consultants to check the X-ray findings. On top of that said she wanted to do tests to see what I was allergic to appertaining to the nose, but couldn't guarantee the findings. I refused the extra departments fees and pharmacy costs and left......I visited my local pharmacy and bought the same products but stronger, for 600 baht. BKK hospital was to be near 6,000 baht for nothing and a wild goose chase. My point being insurance companies and most private hospitals are in complete rip off mode, Government hospitals are a pain for the amount of people waiting , but to me a better service.
  4. NOT mentioned, pre existing conditions, so if there are some, does this mean you are paying 133,373 for nothing ?? it only covers for things than may not be a problem.
  5. You are quite wrong. He has 800,000, AND his pension to live on engage brain, or shut
  6. You are hassling the posters with your scathing comments. If it didn't affect me and I was arrogant I like you I could say if you cannot meet the requirements leave, or a silly remark like you should have planned,,, BYE
  7. We all have to update to the present times we know, but this is another burden for the over 75s, suppose we will all have to get on the next plane and leave the house, the wife, the family, the pets the car, the home contents. Looked at all your posts, either you are among the 5% mega wealthy here, or you do not live here or you are just a wind up merchant, if not then please tell us your circumstances so we all can pick at your problems. We are on to discuss the new arrangements and exchange ideas, NOT like you mocking long stayers without engaging brain.
  8. A Thai school teacher earns 30k a month all have a home, car, family......but a old retired Westerner need 65k a month AND now med insurance. because his 65k is not enough to live on ha ha ha
  9. Exactly, Mega premiums, Pre=existing conditions a get out of cover, SO PAY FOR WHAT ???? Over age...you are on a mega loser, As previous stated --what is the 800,000 for ?????
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