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  1. Apologies if another thread has asked this (didn't see)...and I also realise the only definitive answer will come via an update from the government - just wanted to see what people's thought's were on this, so that maybe it can help in my preparations :- Do you think they will extend the amnesty if they are not allowing inbound scheduled flights from August onwards? It would seem strange if they didn't extend the amnesty given the only way to renew for many of us is to leave the country - and many live here with family (I have two children here who I look after/support). On the other hand, if they opened the airports again in August (and I mean, opened scheduled flights in certain corridors), they would open for outbound and inbound in certain corridors. I could see them opening Thailand > Cambodia and Cambodia > Thailand as an example. If so, then it gives people who need to renew visas a chance to renew them. And without sounding too obvious, no Thai person is going to fly out of Thailand for whatever reason if they can't fly back in surely? In other words, certain corridors would have to be open both ways to have any use for the vast majority of passengers who tend to travel for reasons that demand a return flight back (because they are flying from their residency). I realise there are special flights out of Thailand (and into Thailand) right now, but these are repatriation flights and there's only a few of them each day. They are not a normal scheduled service. I counted 14 international flights that have left Thailand in the last 24 hours - this is a tiny number compared to a normal service...if many of us HAVE to leave before 31st July, and the emergency is extended through July (which it has been), then it seems next to impossible to get a flight out (and borders remain closed). The extension of the visa is surely a measure that is tied to the fact that the airports are closed for scheduled flights (as are borders)...the government will need to announce a specific plan shortly so we can make our own plans accordingly. I guess we just have to wait and see what the government decide next. If I've missed any obvious information that renders this post irrelevant, then apologies again....just how I'm seeing things right now.
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