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  1. Yes, I have pictures and video, and I have paid my garbage tax (480 baht, to be precise). I know that they will laugh, only wanted to know if in other areas there is this problem, and hope somebody else will move about this matter. They laugh a bit less every time that one more person makes a complaint ......
  2. In my area (Nai Harn), in the last days the garbage truck guys are overturning almost all the private garbage bins and lefting them capsized. Of course they are also pouring a lot of garbage on the road I suppose that they prefer to have less bins to discharge in the truck but, of course, nobody likes to have the garbage from neighbors in his bin, and to have to clean it from someone else's trash. I think next Monday I will go to the Rawai city Hall to try to make a complaint...... Any similar experience in other areas of Phuket ?
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    Yes, in this case you have to write by hand your name and telephone number. That is less technological but also easier and faster Just suggest to bring your own pen.....
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    As far as I have understood, Thai Chana is not an app and does not need to be installed on your phone. My experience yesterday at Central Festival : Entering in a shop, you scan the qr code, open the relevant web site, put a telephone number (or any number) on the site page and push some green button. When you exit from the shop, you scan again the qr code, connect to the site, and push an orange button. That is all. I have strong doubts about the benefits of this quite complicated procedure. But, also considering that may put any telephone number on the site, it does not look to be a substantial loss of my freedom (also considering that google maps is already keeping all my whereabouts of the last few years and I never cared to delete them .........)
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