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  1. I do not understand if, when arriving in Thailandia and going to be quarantined, it is absolutely prohibited to bring any kind of food and alcohol. I would like to bring something to celebrate the end of my next house arrest. Maybe I could also put my little treasure in a separate bag to be kept by the hotel, but I do not understand if this would be allowed. Does anybody has experience or knowledge about the baggage checking procedure at airport and at the hotel ?
  2. Me too, I think I will choose to be a pilot, it sounds better that an old "O" retired
  3. In still see only the old definitions on this page : https://www.tipinsure.com/CovidRegional/step_1 I tried to cancel the cookies, but same result.....
  4. I have filled this form : https://www.tgia.org/contact-EN But, as I said, not yet answered.....
  5. Under "status", in TGIA Covid insurance, I don't see an option for a non-imm O visa either. Did you get some clue ? I wrote them two days ago but no answer, probably I'll put "travel under special arrangement", hope it will work....
  6. I phoned today the RTE in Rome, and they said to me : - If the certificate only reports the date of issue, this is the reference time that has not to be more than 72 hours before the departure. - If the certificates reports the time of the swab, this must be the reference time no more than 72 hours before Here we are quite practical........
  7. Does someone know where to find the terms and conditions of TGIA Covid-19 insurance ? I would like to see the fine prints......
  8. I do not understanf exactly if, for coming back to Thailand under a COE, it is the certificate of Covid free conditions (RT-PCR) that has to be issued no more that 72 hours before the departure, or if it is the samplig for the test that has to be made no more that 72 hours before (that would be more logical). The COE site in english (https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/regis/step?language=en) seems to ask "issued no more", but I would not like to have some problems at the airport. And in these days it is very difficult (at least in Italy) to get a covid test in a short time,
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