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  1. That was quick, it is only Monday. Can you share the announcement they sent out?
  2. Also 141 cases in Hua Hin, what are the odds? Health officials in Prachuap Khiri Khan on Sunday reported there are now a total of 141 cases of COVID-19 in the province
  3. This case has finally hit a brick wall. Even paying for and signing up for the EliteVisa will not get a 78 years old back in country. The catch 22 is that he has to cancel his Non-O retirement extension first, but that can only be done in Thailand. Twisted rules again. He could of course get a new passport, as earlier suggested by Joe, but that is a bridge to far. The plan is now that he sit it out in the US for another 3 months and let his retirement extension expire, then enter on a 45 days visa except, convert it to Non-O and start a new retirement extension. He already got
  4. Good news, but maybe that is part of the reason for the low effectiveness.
  5. Ohhh NO, the peasants are blaming the elite. That is how the French revolution started. Good thing Facebook is not as deathly as the guillotine.
  6. Some tree hugging German apparently was running this bar imposing 10,000 baht fines for throwing a cigarette butt. He did what humans are best at, made a profit, or probably a loss, and left a sad mess behind. Mol, you should be ashamed of yourself! Schweinehund.
  7. If you are a teacher or have kids and hear anything from their school if they still open as planned on April 19th.
  8. That is the killer for anyone over 75 years of age. An retirement visa that is not available for old people. Go figure!
  9. They drank beers, smoked pot, played reggae music and then they all left. The beach is still beautiful in Koh Tao.
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