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  1. The French are special after all. What happened to harmonized and equal rules in the European Union?
  2. What date did you get? I am June 24th, but future promises mean little in this circus.
  3. May I suggest a bit of cheating? The registration site don't know where you live, so select: Bangkok Pratum Wan Lumpini Then: Medpark Hospital They have 350 slots/day
  4. I registered using my phone. The web page, not app, and it worked first time. Around 12:15 noon time. Android if that is relevant.
  5. Totally confusing. I am under 60 and registered with passport number only. I guess we can throw that registration in the bin now.
  6. Brian could be patient SIGMA, the first guy to catch all known variants in the festering sandbox of Plague Island. Good luck Brian, we are all rooting for you.
  7. They are probably part of a cluster and being "forced" to being vaccinated.
  8. You should sign up Brian. At this rate you will get the full Greek alphabet in Phuket. You could throw in a few STDs just for good measure.
  9. General Cluster fighting the Indians (variant) didn't General Cluster loose?
  10. Care to elaborate a little on this? I assume you don't mean thewing on a rare steak, because of missing teeth, but more a digestive issue, right? My appetite is not what it use to be, but I can't pin it on anything. Maybe I am just getting old.
  11. Schools might open on Monday. That should keep the show going for some time.
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