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  1. Interesting, so on average you got 3 hours of nominal power production per day in January.
  2. Probably closer to 5 years with less power production during the rainy season. What is your nominal or name plate power rating?
  3. As far as I know, only 3 hospitals have the capability of testing for the new corona virus and they are all located in Bangkok. If somebody show up with a fever and flu symptoms in say Hat Yai or Udon Thani, it is very unlikely they will be tested.
  4. With 1.1 million arrivals from China in January, statistically 71 infected Chinese have been walking the street in Thailand. Did they pass the bug? Based on the cruise ship infection rate, probably yes.
  5. Industry electricity consumption change Y-O-Y: 2019 June: -1.9% July: -1.7% August: -3.1% September: -4.5% (-6.8% 2017) (-3.5% 2016) October: -4.1% (-1.9% 2017) (-3.0% 2016) November: -3.7% (-3.9% 2017) (-3.2% 2016) December: -5.3% (-5.8% 2017) (-6.0% 2016) For the first time also residential and business consumption is down by 5.8% and 5.1%. January and February 2020 look to be much worse.
  6. What is the total cost, including all the modifications, paid labor cost, but not your own time?
  7. It looks awful, buy a groove cutter and hide those cables forever.
  8. Who is the manufacture of the newest rolling stock on the BTS Sukhumvit/Silom lines? The interior is slightly different from the Siemens and Chinese made trains, with 3 rows of hand grips and discreetly roof top mounted CCTV.
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