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  1. ExpatOilWorker

    REPORT: Let’s nail down SMOG CAUSES

    Those numbers are for Thailand as a whole. The OP was specifically looking at Bangkok.
  2. ExpatOilWorker

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    Mostly good reviews, but some alarming bad ones also, let us know how it works over time: Stopped working in a 4 days. Shows TVOC and HCHO in values like we are dead already. Doesn't able to calibrate. So correct values only for PM sensor. Doesn't worth to be bought! Seller proposed nothing.
  3. Grand Tour Season 3 is available now.
  4. Korean? Surely not this one then: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7689424/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  5. ExpatOilWorker

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    How effective is it to run the aircon units with an added layer of 3M Filtrete filters on the suction side? From memory you did some testing with the 3M Filtrete sheets last season.
  6. ExpatOilWorker

    Airline Information And Flight Deals For Expats

    The plot thickens. I get the exact same number of search results with any combination of language and currency, but highest search result and lowest pricing with the Region set to US.
  7. ExpatOilWorker

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    I will probably also go for the above Sndway. Do you know what kind of pm2.5 sensor it is using? Laser, LED, light scatter? Have you ever taken the sensor out and tested the air quality in a shopping center? The air feels clean in most department stores, but the cooler air can deceiving.
  8. ExpatOilWorker

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    Thanks. Did you have any issue getting them through customs when shipping to Thailand?
  9. ExpatOilWorker

    Smog in Bangkok serious threat to public health: experts

    But interesting, we had 4,191 fires in mid December (https://fires.globalforestwatch.org/report/index.html#aoitype=GLOBAL&reporttype=globalcountryreport&country=Thailand&dates=fYear-2018!fMonth-12!fDay-13!tYear-2018!tMonth-12!tDay-20) and "only" 700 fires now in mid January (http://fires.globalforestwatch.org/report/index.html#aoitype=GLOBAL&reporttype=globalcountryreport&country=Thailand&dates=fYear-2019!fMonth-1!fDay-6!tYear-2019!tMonth-1!tDay-13) Still pollution feel worse now.
  10. ExpatOilWorker

    Smog in Bangkok serious threat to public health: experts

    Nothing on play store by that name. Any other name it goes under?
  11. Kursk, this is on my to-watch-list:
  12. ExpatOilWorker

    Smog in Bangkok serious threat to public health: experts

    What is the name of that app?
  13. ExpatOilWorker

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    It sure is grim out there today. What indoor air quality monitors are you using and how reliable are they? Do they need calibration over time? I found this review of some interesting sensors: https://www.allergycosmos.co.uk/best-air-quality-monitor
  14. Total value of all residential real-estate in Thailand is about $1.1 trillion, so the inventory of unsold units is about 4%. No doubt it will result in a slowdown among the SET listed developers, they have already fallen more than the index, but it will not significantly affect the broader Thai economy. Just for comparison, total global real estate is worth about $230 trillion.