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  1. How did you catch it in Vietnam? The same way the sailors from the carrier Theodore Roosevelt got it?
  2. 4 weeks of lock-down seems to do the trick. Italy, Norway and Denmark are now seeing a drop in ICU patients.
  3. Where are you located at? You might be on to something here. For 10+ years we have had 241 V at my condo in the center of Bangkok, but because of ur post, I just tested: 226 V. Could be a looming power shortage.
  4. Smaller countries are starting to have it under control. Denmark is talking about opening high school and senior years so students can still take the final summer exam.
  5. Mine took 6 days to get approved, but eventually it came through. Using CW.
  6. If you are using the app give the web based option a try and vice versa. Nobody knows what the service error means. Good luck.
  7. I got my confirmation today. E-mail and the whole shebang. 6 days processing time at CW.
  8. Lucky you. I submitted March 26th and is still pending. I guess there us no point in contacting immigration by there ridicules hotel gmail!
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