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  1. Plague Island is starting to become a totalitarian state within the state. They need to relax a bit before holidaymakers are returning.
  2. What a shame, it doesn't work for cockroaches, ants and other insects. The label clearly says so.
  3. ....and a Covid test no more than 72 hours old plus of course a worthless insurance only sold by a Thai registered insurance company.
  4. They will avoid the chemical smell and pick another drain pipe with better reeking smell.
  5. It is usually showing 96-98% and 99 if I hyperventilate. I was holding my breath to get it down to 79.
  6. Yeah, it is harder and harder to find any fresh Covid....sorry I mean cauliflower when you need it.
  7. Thanks for your quick reply Joe. Yes, arriving on the 45 days visa except entry that they are issuing at the moment. Of course not the old visa on arrival, my bad, I worded it wrong. Do I understand it correct? 1. Arrive on the 45 days visa 2. Convert to 90 days Non-O 3. Apply for the retirement extension. The individual already have the 800k seasoned and the rental agreement should be a non-issue.
  8. If it is a floor drain that you don't use much, you can also throw a few Urinal deodorizer blocks in. The blocks will eventually evaporate and dissolve, so no risk of plugging the drain up. Just don't add too many, it will give a potent smell if u have a window less bathroom
  9. How to understand the below requirement of having rental receipts of the PAST 3 months when converting from a 45 days visa on arrival? Is this after converting to the 90 days Non-O or only when renewing past extensions?
  10. Giving people a free and fair choice of which vaccine they take is just common sense, if not a basic human right. Let's not forget the Thalidomide kids. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thalidomide#:~:text=In November 1961%2C thalidomide was,of them in West Germany.
  11. Early January we had the migrant workers in Samut Sakhon outbreak, but that was just them, not us. Schools were closed for 2 weeks, but by February life was back to normal up until early April. Then, the below happened. We are still not out of the woods yet. At Thammasat University Hospital, about 20 miles north of Bangkok, doctors are scrambling to treat COVID-19 patients streaming in. Nearby, extra beds have been crammed in to a student dormitory block, turning it into a field hospital that can accommodate an additional 470 patients. “We don’t have enough beds, we
  12. Plan to.... Will be... Subject to approval.... To start... Being developed.... Available soon.... When announced... That is a lot of future tense. Just let is know when you make up ur mind and take some action.
  13. Hey, they have also won the battle of many brown envelopes. Give the man credit when credit is due!
  14. The clock is ticking for private hospitals to offer alternative vaccines to the poison the government is pimping. As soon as the door to free international travel is just cracked open people will start to fly out in droves to get a jab in Singapore or any nearby civilized country with a plan.
  15. Go for the 20k unit. It is not the end of the world if you have to live with a slight higher temperature for a few hours on a few sunny afternoons. Big oversized units give the room a sticky humid feeling.
  16. Good and valid points. I just don't think the US of A will let China win the vaccine diplomacy game without a fair fight. Moderna will trickle feed Thailand and other newcomers who have just recently signed up, while it catches up with current commitments. There is also a fair dollar to be made by all parties involved. Time will tell, but I still hope for 10,000 doses a month sold for 3,000 baht, starting very soon, May/June.
  17. I have used these guys for condo work. Very professional. https://www.jobthai.com/th/company/170949
  18. All member hospitals agreed to offer the package at the same price, estimated at not more than 3,000 baht, including service fee, insurance and value-added tax, said Dr Chalerm, also chairman and CEO of SET-listed Bangkok Chain Hospital Plc.
  19. You can feed the cats all you want, there is nothing they can do. They can remove the cats, drive them somewhere or dump them at a temple or Lumpini Park, there is nothing you can do.
  20. Let's open up schools again also so we can really light a fire on this Covid thing.
  21. There will be plenty to go around in the month to come. Once the US have received its last 100 million batch in June/July, Moderna will start taking our dollars, well baht I guess. Moderna has previously estimated it could provide between 600 million to 1 billion doses of vaccine globally by the end of 2021 thanks to its work with Lonza. However, the Swiss CDMO's chief warned in late January that it could take a couple of months to get the company's three plants up to "cruising speed."
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