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  1. The survey found, many western expats had decided to leave Thailand, citing financial pressures due to rising costs of living. What??? Try Thai Immigration and their ever increasing loonie requirements for a one year visa.
  2. Not so fast there cowboy. This is exactly why I never voted for that guy Obama and Hillary the liar. Try to find a girlfriend and get a life Bruce
  3. Talking about an alternative universe, do you really enjoy sitting in front of your computer all day in your underwear arguing with strangers over politics? What is your malfunction, lol. On the bright side, it's great to see President Trump making America great again. Be happy. Get outside and fill your lungs with smoke, and enjoy Thailand. Maybe even try to get a girlfriend.
  4. Well, I seldom watch Fox News, and if you believe the above mentioned would have happened if Hillary had won the election you must still believe in the Easter Bunny. Get ready, the Easter Bunny will be here next month
  5. It is hard to believe a 90 day reporting regulation even exists. I look forward to the GPS ankle bracelets.
  6. The quote was taken out of context. Could you imagine what America would look like if Hillary had won the election? Anyway, we don't have to imagine what a disaster that would have been. We are so fortunate to have Trump as President. I'm looking forward to reading the results of the fake conspiracy investigation by Mueller. This should be entertaining reading
  7. It's great to see President Trump at the helm, and Hillary still scratching her head trying to figure out what happened. Hey, how about that Obama guy. Sure happy to see he has moved on. Mueller and his conspiracy investigation is a joke. He reminds me of a more intelligent version of the guy who goes by Big Joke over here. Anyway, it is always great to read comments from the Trump haters.
  8. I'm not concerned with what the Brits do or don't do. I'm concerned with what the American Embassy could be doing and isn't.
  9. I have always liked Thai's and have enjoyed living in Thailand, until Thai Immigration went on their most recent campaign to rid Thailand of westerners. I have always disliked the lack of qualified law enforcement and Thailand's dangerous roads but there is so much to like about Thailand beyond that.
  10. There were a very small percentage of retirees who were less than truthful about their monthly income, so there was no loophole. Please get real about people from 100 different countries showing up at Thai Immigration with bank statements, and stop with the faked documents. You couldn't find people from 100 different countries who would want to live in Thailand. In fact, many westerners are now finding Thailand a lot less attractive due to Thai Immigration demanding foreigners to line the pockets of their Thai bankers.
  11. Where are you guys coming up with the idea representatives from 100 different countries are living in Thailand?
  12. It may have seemed like a simple decision for the person at the American Embassy to discontinue the income affidavit letters, and refusing to issue income verification letters but it had a profound negative effect on a lot of American retirees. It was all a big joke when they fleeced American retirees $50 a letter for basically doing nothing more than using a notary stamp with a little ink. Then when faced with doing a couple of minutes work for the $50, they disappeared. The embassy person who made this simple decision, needs to wake up and start the ball rolling to issue income verification letters and stop pretending they don't know about the problems they caused.
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