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  1. The Bible says otherwise. The Bible has proven to be scientifically, and historically accurate. It was written over a period of about 1600 years by 40 different authors in 13 different countries, and even thought it consists of 66 books, it reads as one book. Jesus confirmed the Bible was the word of God and was 100% accurate. Don't be blinded by Satan.
  2. I don't know about the rest of them but the US Embassy thought it was a big joke when they handed out the income affidavit letters for $50 a letter. When asked to verify the actual funds, they just stopped issuing the letters. In spite of what some would like you to believe, it is a simple process verifying the monthly income these letters state. The only thing I can think why the letters aren't being issued anymore, embassy clerks are federal employees. There has never been anyone who has accused federal employees of being hard working, exemplary employees. These people tend to do as little as possible. My guess is they baulked at the thought of actually doing something more than warming a seat. Thanks for nothing guys
  3. Well, I have managed my finances well as have many others who are leaving Thailand. The truth of the matter is in many ways Thailand, is a developing country but unfortunately their banking system is lagging behind. You will never hear anyone bragging about having a Thai bank account as one would talk about having a Swiss bank account or any number of US brokerage firm accounts. I am fairly certain those who don't believe there is a purge of western expats probably own homes here, and hang out with others in the same boat. The westerners who rent in large condo projects would be able to see condos becoming available as expats leave their condos and apartments monthly in search of a less restrictive country. When applying for a retirement visa from the states for example, Thai Immigration doesn't require people to deposit $25,000 (800,000 baht) in one of their Thai banks. They just want to see your funds in a US bank, because no one would buy into such an idiotic finanical requirement just to obtain a one year visa to allow one to live in Thailand for one year. Anyway, this exodus of westerners will just be felt by small Thai businesses that cater to western expats. I think there will be a lot of sad Thai spouses of many of the expats who live in Thailands rural areas too but that won't affect westerners like you.
  4. How anyone looking at their surroundings and nature could ever deny God the Creator is beyond me. All you need to know about life and death is clearly stated in the Bible (KJV). There are one of two things that will happen upon death. You will be condemned to eternity in Hell or spend eternity in Heaven. To spend eternity in Heaven, all you have to do is ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins, accept God as your creator, and repent from your sins. Rather than posting ridicules comments about God, you would be better served to read the Bible (KJV) yourself. Why on earth anyone would choose eternity in Hell is beyond me.
  5. I wonder why Thai Immigration in the US doesn't require to deposit 800,000 baht or 65,000 baht monthly in a Thai bank to qualify for a one year retirement visa? They just want to see the money in a US bank or your monthly income such as in monthly pensions and social security. Well, the reason Thai Immigration doesn't have this financial scheme when applying for a visa from the states, is no one in their right mind would deposit $25,000 in a Thai bank for a one year visa, lol. It always surprises me to see another western expat defending the idiotic rules and regulations of Thai Immigration. What is even worst, is when they post smug comments about how smart they are to follow all the rules immigration can think up, and amuse themselves at the thought why everyone doesn't just go along to get along with these fools. To all you feather merchants that seem to live in a bubble, yes there is a lot of western expats pulling out of Thailand every month. I'm sure immigration is not concerned with this because the ones who choose to stay will contribute a windfall for the Thai banks. Not exactly what I would call a good investment choice but evidently some think it is, lol.
  6. Just prove I meet the income requirement you say, lol. Well, Mickey there seems to be the problem because immigration won't allow me to show my monthly income going into a western bank. They want to see it deposited into a third world Thai bank. That is where they are attempting to force westerners to either deposit 800,000 baht or 65,000 baht monthly into a Thai bank or they won't renew the one year visa extension.
  7. Immigration had you draw a map of where you live? Couldn't they just call the post office or maybe look at Goggle Maps, lol. These people are hysterical with some of the things they come up with.
  8. Being able to bank in the US vs being forced to bank in Thailand is the problem. This is what was changed at Thai Immigration. It's not about some "loop-hole." It's about immigrations latest plan to enhance the Thai banks at the expense of western retirees. I'm not comfortable depositing 800,000 baht in a third world banking system, and there are many more that feel the same way. For those who don't invest in the US or Europe, and are okay with 800,000 baht in a Thai bank drawing little to no interest along with not being fully insured, then good for you. Following the rules Thai Immigration has put in place has always been over the top, with nonsensical 90 day reporting, TM forms, and of course having to apply for a one year visa extension year after year. When immigration came up with not allowing westerns to keep ($25,000) in a western bank, and instead depositing this amount in a Thai bank is where they went too far with many people. So this is why so many westerners are leaving Thailand. It's not about "out with the bad and in with the good." It's more about common sense Mickey.
  9. I think the elusive "under the counter visas" are right up there with UFO encounters. How could expats with no money stay in Thailand with "under the counter visas" when Thai Immigration officers are known for their honesty, and ability to adhere to all the strict rules and regulations Thai Immigration has for foreigners. The only stories I keep hearing over and over again, are about Thai Immigration officers rejecting one year visa extensions because of people not having 800,000 baht in a Thai bank or not having 65,000 baht transferred to a Thai bank monthly. What is that telling us?
  10. It will be interesting to see if he will continue Thai Immigrations obvious purge of western retirees.
  11. When my wife applied for her US tourist visa she was given a 10 year visa with no questions asked. At the time, we had been married two years and she had been to several countries in Europe and neighboring countries around Thailand. She was not deemed a flight risk. Evidently, your Thai friend was deemed a flight risk. I suspect he was telling you stories about the money he had in the bank, and his pig farm.
  12. I think it's great Mr. Big Joke will have an opportunity to see what professional immigration officers look like when he visits the U.S. TSA is another story. TSA staff is a good example of unprofessionalism.
  13. You must be comparing Thai Immigration officers to North Korea's Immigration officers. I have traveled to over 50 countries, and Thailand's immigration is second to none when it comes to harassing westerners.
  14. I know several westerners who have already left along with those who will leave once their visa extensions come due. There are many who are not buying into immigrations Thai banking scheme. For those who are willing to accept immigrations latest nonsensical requirements, then good for you. It's unbelieavble so many posters can't see this purge of western retirees. Maybe many of these people live in secluded moo baans, and spend all their time composing nonsensical messages praising Thai Immigration. I see many bragging about how easy it was to get their one year visa extensions because they deposited 800,000 baht into a Thai bank. I bet many immigration officers are surprised about foreigners falling for this scheme, lol. As far as those retirees who are left, I doubt their lives will be affected. Thai's who own small businesses where westerners once shopped, and have left the country will feel the void. Those who married Thai women who got caught up in this purge will have many sad stories to tell, much to the amusement of the few smug posters who praise immigrations nonsense.
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