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  1. Well if you have a wife (Thai I assume) and kids then why not go the married route for your visa which only requires you to post B400,000 and can be withdrawn 30 days after the married visa is issued?
  2. What happens to your assets if you die in Thailand with no will? For instance I own a condo in Pattaya and have an account at Bangkok Bank. If I were to die before getting a Thai will made I assume my Thai wife would eventually be able to inherit the condo and account? I intend to have a will made, it's just I haven't yet gotten around to it.
  3. Any recommendations for a translations service in Bangkok. I need to get my USA marriage certificate and US consulate affidavit translated for MoFA. These documents will be used for renewing my 1 year visa.
  4. The OP said he is looking for decent pizza!
  5. Go to View Talay 2A. There is a pizza shop on the ground floor that has excellent pizza. It is run by a French guy and his Thai wife.
  6. I dont have Facebook account. Could you provide their location? Thanks How do they compare to Sunrise?
  7. Next week I will be going to Chang Watana to renew my 1 year retirement visa using the B800,000 and also apply for a re-entry stamp. I have done this many times in the past using thy embassy letter but this will be the first time using the B800,000. I think I have all the required paperwork: 1. 800,000 in Bangkok Bank since December with copy of bank transmittal showing money wired from USA 2. Copies of all pages of bank book 3. Letter from the bank stating B800,000 on deposit 4. Completed TM7 5. Copy of passport and copy of latest visa issued last year. 6. Did I miss anything? Re-entry stamp 1. Completed TM 8 2. Copy of passport 3. Copy of new visa when issued next week.
  8. As I approach 75 I'm thinking the day may soon come when viagra could be a part of my life. But having not needed it I know absolutely nothing about the drug so maybe someone can enlighten me. Can you buy them at any drug store and do you need a prescription? What do they cost? What is the dosage. Any side affects? Feel free to add any additional info on the subject that you feel may be helpful. Thanks for any replies.
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