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  1. Have a work permit valid till November 2020. Recently obtained a replacement passport as pages were full. Do I have to notify labour department or other that I have I new passport or wait till renewal date of wp?
  2. All very good points. The risk may however arise on doing 90 day reports, particularly if there is a 'crack down' on agents and the like. So if I go down this road I'm assuming I could get the ball rolling just before the Amnesty ends?
  3. No 60 day extension as yet. So technically I could do a one year extension one week before the Amnesty date ends, even though my visa will have expired by then. Correct? The cost I think outweighs the inconvenience of travel to obtain a new visa and subsequent bounces but I don't know if the cost outweighs any risk of using an agent, particularly as the extension is apparently not done in Bangkok (where we reside), but upcountry.
  4. My current non imm O multi visa based on marriage expires June 25th 2020, arrival stamp to 15th April so taking advantage of the Amnesty. I suppose my choices are, wait till the Amnesty finishes and borders open and apply for a fresh visa at Savannahket or in Vietnam (if I'm unable to do a border bounce pre June 25th), or, do what a colleague has done and engage an agent to do a 1 year extension (at a price) given I am unable to meet the 400k requirements. My questions are, should I stay away from agents who offer such a service or, if I go ahead with the agent, could this be done after my current visa expires (june 25th) and what risks if any are involved. I know of at least 3 people who are using this particular agent so I imagine there would be quite a few people going down this road however I'm a little uneasy with the idea.
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