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  1. All good points. I wonder how far back the pp holders records stretch on the io's computers at swampy....more than 10 years?
  2. I have 3 non o multi visas in my pp plus an old retirement 12 month extension, current is a non o multi based on marriage. I anticipate some questions at swampy next week. Exactly what im not sure.
  3. So you entered with a non o, the io "tried to take you to a room and asked you many questions" Could I please ask what the questions were and what nationality you are?
  4. Lots of topics about rejections at Swampy and Don Muang airports for people with tourist visas, any reports of problems for those with more than 2 multi o visas based on marriage (plus 3 or 4 Laos visas) in their passport. And, any reports of io demanding to see 20k with holders of such visas?
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