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  1. Thank you. And given that I am currently on a retirement extension which ends late June, am I able to apply for a fresh non imm o visa based on marriage from savannakhet with hopefully no problems if I have all the correct documentation?
  2. Thanks. If I do not do the 90 day report and do not obtain a re entry permit, on leaving Thailand via mudkahan border am I likely to be interrogated on why I do not have a re entry permit? Would it not be safer to get one prior to leaving?
  3. Currently on a retirement extension, next and final 90 day report due 7th June 2019, extension of stay permitted until 28th June 2019. Retirement extension was done through an agent where the visa was obtained at an upcountry office however have subsequently changed my address to Bangkok and has been officially changed on previous 90 day reports. Considering going back to apply for a multi entry non imm O based on marriage to a Thai (have been married for 12 years). Have insufficient funds to do an extension at CW so plan is to go to Savannakhet prior to 28th June to apply My questions are, 1. Should I do a 90 day report on the 7th June? 2. Should I obtain a re entry permit prior to leaving Thailand to go to Savannakhet (around 25th June), or is this not necessary? 3. Possible grilling on leaving Thailand via land border at Mudkahan given my retirement visa was obtained via an agent upcountry?
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