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  1. Leaving bangkok to Australia....back to thailand in 2 weeks. Currently on multi entry non imm o visa. Do I need a reentry permit for thailand and, will I need to show 20k on reentering thailand?
  2. Yes. Actually have 2 pages total...the last page and 90% of the second last page, which has 2 stamps on it. The 3rd last page has room for 2 more stamps.
  3. Thanks jackdd. If I do not do a tm30 immediately and go to immigration 3 months after the wp is granted to do a 90 day report, what are the likely ramifications?
  4. Australian pp. Have 2 blank pages left. Already have valid non imm o visa. Any dramas entering Thailand with only 2 pages remaining?
  5. Why are the bangkok airports far more stringent than the land borders (with the exception of 1 or 2 of course)?
  6. Fly into Laos and then enter tbrough a land border. Takes more time but better than a rejection.
  7. How about those living here on multi o visas (marriage) or retirement visas?
  8. Maybe a bit off topic but if one were to cancel a work permit while a non immigrant o multi visa were still valid would the non immigrant o visa also end on the day the work permit was cancelled....even if the non o visa still had 9 months validity?
  9. Currently have non immigrant o visa (multi) based on marriage. I have 3 non immigrant o visas in my passport and several Laos visas. I am in the throws of applying for a work permit. My visa prior to the non o was a retirement visa obtained through an agent which registered my address in an upcountry city. My current address is in Bangkok. I have not as yet done a tm30 nor tm28 to advise my change of address. My questions are, if I go back to Australia and re enter Thailand soon with my non immigrant o visa, will I have problems at the airport in Bangkok given the 3 non immigrant visas in my pp and, on applying for the work permit or subsequent 90 day reports, will there be issues because I have not as yet advised my change of address? Thanks for any advice.
  10. Currently on non immigrant multi O visa valid untill April 2020. My company in thailand intend to apply for a work permit for me. My questions are: 1. If the work permit is successful and then cancelled prior to the expiration of the visa, is my visa still valid till the visa expires or is it also made void at the same date the wp is cancelled? 2. Should the application for the wp be rejected, is my visa affected? Thanks for any advice.
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