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  1. Some people have said they have submitted all pages of the wifes house papers when applying for a non o based on marriage at Savannakhet. This could be more than 10 pages depending on the family size. My understanding is that the requirement is a copy of the first page of the house book with the address and the page with the wifes name (which is usually copied onto 1 page). So in essence all that is required is one page with the above on it, signed by the Mrs of course. Is this correct?
  2. Ill be spending the evening in Mukdahan then going to the border early Wednesday morning I think. Buses run to the border from the Mukda bus station every hour in the mornings unless things have changed.
  3. Excuse my stupidity. Just making sure I've got this right. My last entry via border into Thailand allowed me entry until 30th June 2018, then a retirement extension till 30th June 2019. This means I can legally leave Thailand anytime between now and 30th June 2019 (via border to Savannakhet) to apply for a fresh non imm o based on marriage correct?
  4. I have 5 full blank pages and 2 half pages remaining in my passport (including the last page). The last page has some very light ink shadowing from the opposite inside last hard page which is for emergency contacts and personal data. I will head to savannakhet to apply for a non immigrant o multi. Do I have enough pages to keep border/consulate staff happy?
  5. Thanks again Joe. Would there be a fine involved on submitting the t30?
  6. Thanks Joe. Further to this, after obtaining the non O multi from Savannakhet, and on entering Thailand I will use my Bangkok address. Will this be a problem considering my agent may have used an upcountry address in the old retirement extension? And, after this I will have to go to CW to have my stamps transferred from my old passport into my new passport (which I will get when my current pp is full: approximately in 3-6 months time). Will the officers responsible for transferring stamps pick up on the fact that my previous visa was obtained through an agent (in Roi Et) and if so, will I have to pay a fine given the address? I have had it on good advice from a very helpful member here that I should immediately go to CW after obtaining the non Immigrant O visa and notify them of my change of address, actually i do not know if the agent used an upcountry address with the retirement extension but I assume so.
  7. Currently on a retirement extension, expires end of June. I obtained the extension through an agent. The extension was done at Roi et, even though my residence is currently bangkok. 4 months ago the agent told me they had changed the address to my bangkok address however upon doing an online 90 day report last week, received a rejection from immigration with the reason written in thai. Google tranlate roughly tells me the rejection is because my address hasn't been changed so it seems it was never done. My intention is to go to Savannakhet this month to apply for a multi non o based on marriage. My question is, will I have a problem on leaving thailand or on applying for the visa at the embassy given the above?
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