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  1. When you say a 'valid non o' you mean those whose permission to stay is covered under the Amnesty. The expiration date of the visa doesn't apply here. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Both valid arguments Brittim and Drjack. I would imagine there are quite a few here on non o multis that will need to exit either to get a further 90 days or apply for a new visa. And quite a few will not meet the requirements for a 1 year extension.
  3. Almost impossible to know what will come on July 31st, those of us who currently are on Non immigrant O visas being married to a Thai and whose permission to stay expired post end of March and whose visas will expire pre July 31st have three options as I see it: 1. Do a 60 day extension (if allowed under Amnesty) before July 31st and then hope borders open so a fresh visa can be obtained. 2. Go and apply for a fresh non O multi after borders open assuming that Thai consulates will still issue such and one is able to re-enter Thailand without too many restrictions. 3. Apply for a 1 year extension if one meets the criteria AND if the Amnesty allows for an extension to be applied for. This is a big if. I think no-one can say if this will be permitted or not. Exciting times ahead.
  4. So a 60 day extension may be possible under the Amnesty extension however we don't have a clear answer on whether one can apply for a one year extension under the Amnesty. I wonder if anyone has had some advice from immigration regarding this.
  5. Non o multi, visa expires June 25th 2020, permission to stay was till April 15th so now on covid Amnesty. Can I apply for a 60 day extension or a 1 year extension right up until 31st July? How long before the 31st should I apply?
  6. So your prediction is no more non o visas issued by thai consulates in neighbouring countries. Wow.
  7. Currently ME non O, visa expires June 25th so assume if I left the country July 1st for example I could not get a 90 day entry on entry to Thailand as my visa will have expired. Assuming this is correct, if and when borders do open say to Laos, when I go to apply for a fresh non O visa, what will likely be the extra requirements (if any) coming back into Thailand and/or on applying for a new visa? Medical insurance? Quarantine? Other? Opinions please.
  8. Have a work permit valid till November 2020. Recently obtained a replacement passport as pages were full. Do I have to notify labour department or other that I have I new passport or wait till renewal date of wp?
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