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  1. 4 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    Unless the school terminated your employment your work permit and extension of stay is still valid.

    Thank you. This is slightly unrelated but would the government in my home country need to be advised of my work permit status in Thailand? I don't know if I'm obligated to inform them. This is the first wp Ive had.

  2. I was issued with a wp teaching in Bangkok last December. Because of covid I lost my teaching hours in March however the school kept my wp running in the case the school was able to reopen in July. I wonder if I would be classified as "unemployed" during that period I have no work and therefore no income but still hold a valid wp? Should the school have cancelled my wp after I lost my teaching hours? Thanks for any replies.

  3. 7 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    I think they might be the only country that does it. I would not bet on the Australian embassy here doing it.

    I think it would depend upon on how much time is or was remaining on the old passport if it worth the effort to do it or not. 

    Must have at least 2 years remaining on the current passport to be able to get a 32 page replacement. Around 3,800 baht currently. Can be done at the Australian embassy Thailand. In my case my passport pages are full so the fee as above applies. In certain cases a fee is not payable.

  4. 11 hours ago, RichCor said:

    If you have not yet presented the new passport to Immigration (or had them move any relevant stamps over) then you'll want to use the old number on the form. The IO can make updates as needed.

    Even if the old passport is invalid, i.e it has been 'cut' by my embassy which is done when they issue a new passport? Present both passports to IO?

  5. My landlord has completed a change of address form. On the 2nd page it lists my details, passport number etc. I have just replaced my passport so the passport number I assume will be different. Can I just cross out the old passport number on the form and write in the new number or should I rewrite the form again with the new number and get him to sign again?

  6. Applying for an Australian replacement passport which will have the same expiry date as my current passport, not a renewal passport which would have a new 10 year validity. Does anyone know if the replacement passport number will be the same as the passport it is replacing? I know with a renewal passport it's a new number but I don't know about a replacement passport.

  7. 29 minutes ago, Peter Denis said:

    Indeed, there will be NO overstay-penalties when your current permission to stay expires during the Amnesty period because ALL permissions to stay are automatically extended till 31 July.

    However, what is not so sure is whether IO will allow you to apply for your 1-year extension of stay when you did not apply before the normal due date of your permission to stay.  And in that case you would be forced to exit the country once the Amnesty is over and apply again from scratch.

    Hence the recommendation to do your 1-year extension of stay before the due date.

    And in case you do not meet the requirements yet, you could as an intermediate step apply for the 60-day extension of stay to ensure an unbroken chain of extensions.

    That's the great unknown. I have been advised however by a very well-known moderator here that a 60 day extension should be allowed just before or when the Amnesty ends even if one's actual permission to stay expired after the end of March and is therefore on the automatic covid extension.

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  8. Almost impossible to know what will come on July 31st, those of us who currently are on Non immigrant O visas being married to a Thai and whose permission to stay expired post end of March and whose visas will expire pre July 31st have three options as I see it: 1. Do a 60 day extension (if allowed under Amnesty) before July 31st and then hope borders open so a fresh visa can be obtained. 2. Go and apply for a fresh non O multi after borders open assuming that Thai consulates will still issue such and one is able to re-enter Thailand without too many restrictions. 3. Apply for a 1 year extension if one meets the criteria AND if the Amnesty allows for an extension to be applied for. This is a big if. I think no-one can say if this will be permitted or not. Exciting times ahead.

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  9. 17 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    You can apply for a 60 day extension to visit your wife or Thai child.

    Being able to apply for a one year extension of stay is not clear yet since immigration may not consider the "automatic extension" a extension of your original non-o visa entry.

    So a 60 day extension may be possible under the Amnesty extension however we don't have a clear answer on whether one can apply for a one year extension under the Amnesty. I wonder if anyone has had some advice from immigration regarding this.

  10. 16 minutes ago, BritTim said:

    The requirements will be announced in due course. It is really impossible to predict what they might be. Most likely, tourist visas will not be issued at all for some time, though there may be exceptions for a few countries that have eliminated the virus, most likely with the appropriate visas only being issued in home country, and only for those travelling as part of tour groups). It is possible that the Thai government may see a need to provide a solution to close family members of Thais, but I fear they will expect people to extend in country rather than providing easy Non O visas.

    So your prediction is no more non o visas issued by thai consulates in neighbouring countries. Wow.

  11. Currently ME non O, visa expires June 25th so assume if I left the country July 1st for example I could not get a 90 day entry on entry to Thailand as my visa will have expired. Assuming this is correct, if and when borders do open say to Laos, when I go to apply for a fresh non O visa, what will likely be the extra requirements (if any) coming back into Thailand and/or on applying for a new visa? Medical insurance? Quarantine? Other? Opinions please.

  12. 10 minutes ago, JackThompson said:

    The "expiration date" on your visa has no bearing at all on this - only says the last day you can use it to enter the country for a fresh 90-days.  Your "permitted stay" is all that matters, and has already passed.  You are on the "covid automatic extension" now. 


    Immigration is set up to explicitly encourage the use of agents.  Each office is allowed to "make up" it's own rules, to maximize a Multi-Level-Marketing style envelope-money scheme.  Therefore, doing it in person for the "list price" of 1900 Baht is often fraught with "undocumented requirements" and, many times, insulting treatment of your wife. 


    I have attempted a Non-O 1-year based on marriage multiple times, at 3 offices in different parts of Thailand, and they have always found a way to deny the extension for some "undocumented" reason - to spite my meeting every "documented" requirement.


    I also live in Bangkok (now), and the only references I could find were "law firms" serving the Chiang Wattana office, and they wanted 35K or so.  Someone posted recently the agent-cost for this in Jomtien was "only" 25K (~10K more than retirement).  


    The significant extra cost appears to be for the envelope for the division-level sign-off, which is needed to support a Thai family, but not needed if you don't / retired.  Somehow, marrying a Thai is viewed as "suspicious" and needing additionial scrutiny / envelope-money. 


    You will be required to file 90-day reports.  If you can do online, it is fine - otherwise your agent might have to file them for you, at the office they used.  Or, you would need to "re-locate back" to Bangkok, to file them here. 

    All very good points. The risk may however arise on doing 90 day reports, particularly if there is a 'crack down' on agents and the like. So if I go down this road I'm assuming I could get the ball rolling just before the Amnesty ends?

  13. 11 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    If the admitted until date on your arrival stamp is April 15th you are already on the amnesty unless you applied for a 60 day extension.

    You visas expiration date means nothing now. You would be extending the 90 day entry from your visa.

    Before deciding on using the agent you need to think about the cost of doing it.

    I am sure you will not be able to do a border hop until after June.

    No 60 day extension as yet. So technically I could do a one year extension one week before the Amnesty date ends, even though my visa will have expired by then. Correct? The cost I think outweighs the inconvenience of travel to obtain a new visa and subsequent bounces but I don't know if the cost outweighs any risk of using an agent, particularly as the extension is apparently not done in Bangkok (where we reside), but upcountry.

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  14. My current non imm O multi visa based on marriage expires June 25th 2020, arrival stamp to 15th April so taking advantage of the Amnesty. I suppose my choices are, wait till the Amnesty finishes and borders open and apply for a fresh visa at Savannahket or in Vietnam (if I'm unable to do a border bounce pre June 25th), or, do what a colleague has done and engage an agent to do a 1 year extension (at a price) given I am unable to meet the 400k requirements.  My questions are, should I stay away from agents who offer such a service or, if I go ahead with the agent, could this be done after my current visa expires (june 25th) and what risks if any are involved. I know of at least 3 people who are using this particular agent so I imagine there would be quite a few people going down this road however I'm a little uneasy with the idea.

  15. Have lived in Thailand for more than 15 years, going to oz embassy to renew an existing passport. I don't know if this will be an issue but I will use my sister's Australian address on the renewal application form (I can't remember which address I used for previous pp renewals, it may have been my old Aussie address or my address in Bangkok.) According to the website information a passport renewal doesn't require photo id with address such as a drivers licence when renewing an existing passport, only when replacing a lost or stolen passport. Can anyone kindly advise if this is the case? 

  16. 6 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    If you want your new passport mailed to you they will cancel your old passport. If not they will cancel it when you pick up the new one.


    You show both the old and new passport to immigration when departing the country. They will transfer the entry stamp in the old passport to the new one and stamp you out of the country in it.


    That is only required if you have a long stay extension of stay.

    If you only have a visa entry it is not required and some immigration offices will turn you away and tell you to do it on departure from the country.

    Thanks. So in the case of a non immigrant O visa a trip to cw is not needed. All done at border. 

  17. On 5/13/2020 at 8:07 PM, ubonjoe said:

    Whatever you do all you need to do when leaving the country is to show both passports on departure from the country. They will transfer your current entry stamp in the old passport  to the new one and then stamp you out of the country.

    On entry to the country if your visa is still valid you would show the old passport on entry to use the visa in it for entry

    Just on this, the Aussie embassy will not invalidate the old passport if you need to travel while the new pp is being processed. I assume they invalidate the old passport when the new one is collected. Even if the old passport is 'cut' ie, made invalid can one still use it at the borders to have stamps transferred into the new pp? My understanding was this MUST be done at immigration chaeng wattana, after the Australian embassy gives me a letter of permission saying 'please transfer stamps from old passport to new passport'.

  18. On 5/14/2020 at 7:25 AM, ubonjoe said:

    You can do everything when you leave the country.

    If you went an immigration office they would probably turn you away and tell you do it when you leave the country.

    And this is the case at land borders, in particular Nong Khai and Mukdahan?

  19. Not sure this is the correct forum but here goes. I have a Thai work permit and wish to get a thai drivers licence. Actually I just want to drive around Udon Thani for a couple of days, I have no interest to drive in Bangkok. My licence from my country, Australia, expired 4 years ago. What exactly is required and can an agent assist me to obtain or, not necessary. Thanks for any advice.

  20. 31 minutes ago, Tanoshi said:

    It sounds like you have an extension, not a Visa, but yes present both Passports and Immigration will stamp you in until your existing permission of stay validity.


    You should then visit your local Immigration office to have your stamps transferred to your new Passport.

    Is a visit to an immigration office necessary in my case (op), or will this all be done at the border?

  21. I will be getting a new Aussie passport soon, current pp has a non immigrant multi o visa, permission to stay 15th April 2020, visa expires 25th June. Can I take both passports to a land border prior to June 25th (assuming the borders open), and get a fresh 3 month stamp in the new passport? Or, if I don't do a run and leave after the current Amnesty ends on 31st July, what will happen at the border if say I go to savannahket to apply for a new non imm o visa?

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