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  1. Will be getting a new Australian passport shortly. Im just wondering what the process is once I get hold of the new passport. Can I have the visa stamp transferred when I do my 3 monthly visa run to Nong Khai (Vientianne), and if so where exactly do i do this? At the border or at an office nearby or, do I have to do this at CW prior to doing the visa run? There may be a 1 or 2 week gap between me getting the passport and doing the visa run.

  2. I will be going to Savannakhet apply for a multi entry o marriage. A friend will be joining me to apply for a tv. Does the 20k need to be shown in cash at the consulate or in a bank book? (he has a Thai bank account). How about balance dates for the money? If the application is made on the 30th June will a bank balance printed in the bank book dated 14th June 2019 be ok or does the date need to be closer to the 30th?

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  3. 1 hour ago, gbob said:

    Note the text in parentheses!  This is important!! I lost my hallowed place third in line during my recent trip to Savannakhet in early March because I had my wife's signed copies of the first page of her tabien baan and the page with her name on it on two separate pieces of paper.  The immigration lady would not accept this, I had to go across the street and copy the two pages onto one page, thus putting me back at the end of the line.  Nevertheless, the lady then accepted this page and took the first page, which had my wife's original signature on it.  Thereafter, no further problems or issues.  Fortunately, this was before the massive influx of people that is occurring there now.


    So she would not accept it on 2 pages? Wow. i think most copy shops in Thailand will automatically copy both the front page and the page with the wifes name onto 1 page, not 2 separate pages.

  4. Some people have said they have submitted all pages of the wifes house papers when applying for a non o based on marriage at Savannakhet. This could be more than 10 pages depending on the family size. My understanding is that the requirement is a copy of the first page of the house book with the address and the page with the wifes name (which is usually copied onto 1 page). So in essence all that is required is one page with the above on it, signed by the Mrs of course. 


    Is this correct?

  5. Excuse my stupidity. Just making sure I've got this right. My last entry via border into Thailand allowed me entry until 30th June 2018, then a retirement extension till 30th June 2019. This means I can legally leave Thailand anytime between now and 30th June 2019 (via border to Savannakhet) to apply for a fresh non imm o based on marriage correct?



  6. 6 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:


    No problem.

    Since you will be using a non-o to get your entries you do not need to go to immigration to have your stamps transferred. You can have it done on the departure from the country.

    I suggest you submit a TM30 form to immigration at CW so that it will be on file showing your current address.



    Thanks again Joe. Would there be a fine involved on submitting the t30?

  7. On 6/11/2019 at 4:55 PM, ubonjoe said:

    A overstay is only staying longer than your permit to stay date. Nothing else creates a overstay.

    The consulate will have no interest in your address and etc. They can only see what you put on the application form. They have no access to immigrations records.


    Thanks Joe. Further to this, after obtaining the non O multi from Savannakhet, and on entering Thailand I will use my Bangkok address. Will this be a problem considering my agent may have used an upcountry address in the old retirement extension?


    And, after this I will have to go to CW to have my stamps transferred from my old passport into my new passport (which I will get when my current pp is full: approximately in 3-6 months time). Will the officers responsible for transferring stamps pick up on the fact that my previous visa was obtained through an agent (in Roi Et) and if so, will I have to pay a fine given the address? I have had it on good advice from a very helpful member here that I should immediately go to CW after obtaining the non Immigrant O visa and notify them of my change of address, actually i do not know if the agent used an upcountry address with the retirement extension but I assume so.

  8. My current extension of stay (retirement) was dated 25th June 2018 and has a permitted to stay date of 30th June 2019. According to my calculations this is 370 days. Is this an error? I thought extensions were for one year. (I should add that the last "admitted to" stamp in my passport is 30th June 2018, even though the extension is dated 25th June 2018).

  9. 11 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    Get the multiple entry non-o visa. I do not recall any recent reports of a application not being accepted or denied as long as you have all the supporting documents.

    Then you could save the money paid for agent and add some more to reach 400k baht in the bank to apply for an extension based upon marriage.

    Will do. So on entering thailand could there be issues at the border with the address on my tm6 (i think it is) form, being my actual address in bkk supposedly being different from the upcountry address used by the agent on the expired retirement extension previously?

  10. I have over the past 6 or 7 years had multi entry non immigrant O visas based on marriage, most of which have been obtained from Laos. Last year decided to switch to a retirement extension, using an agent as I did not have adequate funds to do the extension myself. That extension ends in around one month and now am considering going back to Savannakhet to obtain a fresh non imm O, based on marriage instead of continuing on down the agent path with a retirement extension. I should note that the extension was done at an upcountry immigration office even though I am residing in Bangkok and, my 90 day report is due today (11th of June) but I have not asked the agent to do the extension for me (I tried to do it myself online but it was rejected as the address where the extension was granted does not match my Bangkok address.)


    I have received some very helpful advice from people both on and off this site about the pros and cons of both. With the agent retirement extension, (for which the agent used previously has quoted 14k), the main drawbacks are that the extension is granted from an upcountry area so the address does not match one's real address if in Bangkok so 90 day reports are done by that agent, at a cost of around 600 baht every 3 months and one can not work on such a visa extension obviously. The pros are that no visa runs are required and therefore little additional expense during the year to cover such plus one's passport is not filled up with visa and entry/exit stamps every 3 months.


    The non imm o multi based on marriage allows one to apply for a work permit and just seems to be a more "legal" way to do things. Sure, visa runs are required every 3 months but sometimes a short holiday outside the country is not a bad thing to do however the agent extension can be done quite conveniently and quickly without the running around. I am also not guaranteed of being granted the marriage visa at savannakhet when and if I go to the consulate however I do have all the required documentation so I think there should not be a problem but, as I said, it is not guaranteed. (potential problems on leaving Thailand given I have used an agent and current 90 day report "problem" because of address issues. I understand from previous advice that this should not be a problem when leaving Thailand at the land border and also at the consulate at Savannakhet.


    If you were me, given the above,  would you continue on with the agent option or switch back to the non immigrant o visa application at Savannakhet?

  11. On 6/1/2019 at 6:05 PM, ubonjoe said:

    No problem to leave the country and doing the application at the consulate.

    Departure immigration only looks to see that you are not on an overstay before stamping you out of the country.

    The consulate knows nothing about your status while in the country.


    Would I not technically be on overstay given I have not changed my address to my true address in Bangkok and have not done the 90 day report? Also would the consulate at Savannakhet look to see if my last reported address (Roi et agents address) matches my real address in Bangkok?

  12. Can anyone advise the best way to get by bus from Mukdahan to Udon Thani. Actually I want to get to Nong bua lamphu but if I can to Udon thani its relatively easy. I tried once to get from Mukdahan to Udon thani but it was a nightmare. Is it better to go to Sakhon nakhon first and then Udon thani from there?


    Any advice on best route/timetables would be appreciated.

  13. 1 hour ago, Charlie54 said:

    Ok I am in Mukduhan right now and the problems… problem free..?? OMG..!! Ok took overnight bus from Bangkok to Mukduhan. Could have arrived a little late – maybe 9 am finally got to the border. Got across, paid for the visa and legged it to Suvannakhet only to see a queue of 100 people still stuck outside. Looked like it was going nowhere so went to the front of the queue and asked them how long they have been standing there? They tell me since 8 am. They must have been moving at 10 people an hour by guessing how long he had been there and how much they had got through. This was Thursday which means if not processed today then back tomorrow. I go across the road and see 2 people who finally have emerged from the Embassy and I ask them – how long have you need here – and they say they came there at 7 am. And waited ever since.

    I am used to going to Laos, Vientienne where you would go there -  hand your documents in, they would have one look at it and then say yes or No and come back tomorrow at 2 pm. Geezus this was a nightmare. And then still have to get there at 7 am because everyone else is determined to do the same. I would skip Mukdahan entirely. First and last time to come here and will never come back to the place. Bus took too long. Should have tried an earlier bus but got us there way too late, but even if we arrived at 8 am I think we would have been screwed. I would go Vientienne or Chaeng Wattana with 400K in bank account because by the looks of things you will never see these people unless you are prepared to wait for the long haul.



    What a pity. How things have changed.

  14. I am Australian. Does anyone know if I can obtain a new passport by going through the offices at Trendy building in Sukhumvit? I know they handle British passports there and I saw an Australian section when I was there last year.


    Also can I get my stamps transferred from my old pp to the new pp at the  land border in Nong Khai?  If so is it actually done at the border itself or at a nearby office?

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