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  1. 5 minutes ago, hotandsticky said:

    This extract from the Immigration Bureau notice suggests otherwise. It will be interesting to see if johnny1966’s application will be treated differently as he applied before this notification.




    I interpret it as being for applications made from "now", not 5 days ago?

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  2. 7 minutes ago, hotandsticky said:

    Your post suggests that this is your first ‘extension’. I would imagine that it will run from the approval date on the basis that the marriage extension supersedes the amnesty that applied to your non O visa.

    Yes. It is my first extension. Did it 5 days too early it seems. So my 1 year starts from July 21st or August 20th?

  3. 1 minute ago, DrJack54 said:

    OP, bumping this as you have not received definitive reply. What you need is a recent report. 

    I started flying with my Oz drivers license for domestic travel. All good.

    Then some time ago the clerk at entry to departure lounge wanted my pp.

    Maybe just inexperienced clerk. 

    Cheers Doc. I rang nokair, they told me wp ok, Thai smile no, cannot contact AirAsia as it has that automated thingy which makes it almost impossible to get an answer.

  4. 29 minutes ago, CWA14 said:

    I've used a work permit to board flights on Air Asia before (Don Mueang to/from Khon Kaen). Granted, this was in 2017 and I had two Thai DLs (one car, one motorcycle) as backup.


    In theory, it should be allowed as your WP is official, Thai govt. ID and proof of identity. That being said, I'd highly recommend you have a Thai DL or some other Thai govt. issued photo ID as backup.

    Cheers. I don't have a DL or other photo id so guess I'll try it with the WP and see what happens.

  5. 4 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    Unless the school terminated your employment your work permit and extension of stay is still valid.

    Thank you. This is slightly unrelated but would the government in my home country need to be advised of my work permit status in Thailand? I don't know if I'm obligated to inform them. This is the first wp Ive had.

  6. I was issued with a wp teaching in Bangkok last December. Because of covid I lost my teaching hours in March however the school kept my wp running in the case the school was able to reopen in July. I wonder if I would be classified as "unemployed" during that period I have no work and therefore no income but still hold a valid wp? Should the school have cancelled my wp after I lost my teaching hours? Thanks for any replies.

  7. 7 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    I think they might be the only country that does it. I would not bet on the Australian embassy here doing it.

    I think it would depend upon on how much time is or was remaining on the old passport if it worth the effort to do it or not. 

    Must have at least 2 years remaining on the current passport to be able to get a 32 page replacement. Around 3,800 baht currently. Can be done at the Australian embassy Thailand. In my case my passport pages are full so the fee as above applies. In certain cases a fee is not payable.

  8. 11 hours ago, RichCor said:

    If you have not yet presented the new passport to Immigration (or had them move any relevant stamps over) then you'll want to use the old number on the form. The IO can make updates as needed.

    Even if the old passport is invalid, i.e it has been 'cut' by my embassy which is done when they issue a new passport? Present both passports to IO?

  9. My landlord has completed a change of address form. On the 2nd page it lists my details, passport number etc. I have just replaced my passport so the passport number I assume will be different. Can I just cross out the old passport number on the form and write in the new number or should I rewrite the form again with the new number and get him to sign again?

  10. Applying for an Australian replacement passport which will have the same expiry date as my current passport, not a renewal passport which would have a new 10 year validity. Does anyone know if the replacement passport number will be the same as the passport it is replacing? I know with a renewal passport it's a new number but I don't know about a replacement passport.

  11. 29 minutes ago, Peter Denis said:

    Indeed, there will be NO overstay-penalties when your current permission to stay expires during the Amnesty period because ALL permissions to stay are automatically extended till 31 July.

    However, what is not so sure is whether IO will allow you to apply for your 1-year extension of stay when you did not apply before the normal due date of your permission to stay.  And in that case you would be forced to exit the country once the Amnesty is over and apply again from scratch.

    Hence the recommendation to do your 1-year extension of stay before the due date.

    And in case you do not meet the requirements yet, you could as an intermediate step apply for the 60-day extension of stay to ensure an unbroken chain of extensions.

    That's the great unknown. I have been advised however by a very well-known moderator here that a 60 day extension should be allowed just before or when the Amnesty ends even if one's actual permission to stay expired after the end of March and is therefore on the automatic covid extension.

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