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  1. 45 minutes ago, Peter Denis said:


    Hi Jim,

    I was also confused at first having only read the Amnesty Announcement posted on the IO website.

    It's message as I understood it at first, was that all foreigners with a permission to stay expiring after 26 March would be eligible for the amnesty.

    However, it appears that IO limited the amnesty only to those foreigners that would normally leave the country by the end of their permission to stay, and are now unable to do so because of border-closures. 

    As a result the 'certain group of foreigners' eligible for the amnesty only consists of those that entered Thailand Visa Exempt, on a Tourists Visa (SETV or METV) or a short-stay Non Imm O Visa that provides a 90-day permission to stay. 

    The implicit thinking behind the exclusion is that those foreigners on long-stay Non Imm O or O-A Visa or extensions of those, do not need to exit the country at the end of their permission to stay, as they can apply for a 1-year extension based on their present Visa.  And so they are excluded from the amnesty, and are required to apply for their 'normal' 1-year extension of stay at their local IO at the end of their permission to stay.

    So those that had planned to exit the country - like yourself - to 'kill' their present O-A Visa and then apply for a Non Imm O - retirement Visa, are now stuck and will probably be forced to apply for the 1-year extension. 

    Note: Your case is special and might invoke an IO exception because at your age you are not able to meet the mandatory thai IO-approved health-insurance requirement.  The 'standard' advice by IO for those that could not get thai IO-approved health-insurance was 'to exit the country and apply for the Non Imm O - retirement Visa' (which is now not possible due to border-closure).

    referring to long stay non imm o visa holders in your post, this means those on multi entry non imm o visas who leave the country every 90 days and whose permission to stay ends after march 26th are NOT included in the Amnesty as they can go to immigration to apply for a 1 year extension or 60 day extension? This means they will be overstay after their permission to stay ends if they do not extend at immigration? This is how I read your post. Excuse me if I'm wrong.

  2. 1 hour ago, ubonjoe said:

    That is not correct.

    There is nothing that states those that qualify for the 60 day extension has to apply for one.

    They don't want people going to immigration for an extension unless they do not qualify under the ministerial order.

    The only ones that have to apply for an extension are those that are not affected by the inability to leave the country. That being those on long term extensions and etc. If they do not qualify for their normal extensions they will have to apply for the special 30 day extension.

    I agree. Given that the Amnesty will extend well beyond the 30th April it would seem pointless to go to CW now. The only benefit would be to avoid the crowds after the Amnesty ends although I imagine that will be staggered somehow to prevent a mass going there at once.

  3. From most opinions here on this forum, those people on a non immigrant O multi entry visa whose 90 day permission to stay stamp expired after March 28th (in my case April 14th) are covered under the Amnesty and do not need to go to immigration to apply for a 60 day extension to visit wife. One "expert" on Facebook who will remain unnamed claims that this is not true and that we need to go to apply for a 60 day extension before the permission to stay stamp ends or we will effectively be on overstay after the permission stamp date. I hope that someone can categorically say he is wrong. I don't want to go to immigration if "we" are covered.

  4. 3 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    It is not my point it is what is written in the ministerial order.

    Those that entered the country using a non immigrant visa on or before the March 26th are included since they could not leave the country to get a new entry or apply for another visa. 


    Those that are here on an extension of stay can apply for a new extension of stay and do not need to leave the country to do it.


    Considering your point regarding non immigrant visas, in particular ME non O visas, to be crystal clear to the holders of such, we would be best advised to sit tight whilst the Amnesty is in effect, even if one's permission to stay expires in April, and apply for a 60 day extension or border hop when the Amnesty ends. Correct?

  5. 4 hours ago, ace000 said:

    People , stop creating stress for yourself and putting people and Staff that have no choice but to go to the immigration department in harms way . It’s a amnesty, thats means a period of time that’s granted without people being punished It been past by the government its law. I’ll also like to think that if you do show up there , you be told to go away . Stop over thinking its simple directive .

    I think there's no question why the Amnesty is in place. The question which I think cannot be answered unequivocally is can one extend a non o visa for 60 days after the expiration date of an entry stamp, say for example mid April, (within the Amnesty period), or do a border hop giving a 90 day stay after such Amnesty ends and what restrictions if any are there on the above.

  6. 2 hours ago, time2093 said:

    I'm in the same boat as well Johnny, There is to many conflicting reports going around about who gets the automatic visa extension as the term 'VISA' is thrown around very loosely with Thai immigration. As my 90 day expires in couple of weeks I will go next week to my local immigration office in Kalasin and ask in person about the visa amnesty and the 60 day extension or to wait it out til the 30th as I want to here it from the horses mouth just to make sure as I dont want to get a nice overstay surprise after.


    Its better safe then sorry as I see it.

    Let us know how you get on.

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  7. 2 hours ago, gregsmithy said:

    Letseng - you are feeding my paranoia.


    I am hopeful that when Thai borders are opened so will those of places like Laos and Cambodia but as I said no one will know until it is too late to do much about it,  at the moment my resolve is holding and I am sticking to the advice of the likes of Tanoshi and UbonJoe but my nerve may fail me next week. 



    Gregsmithy, it looks like our situations are almost identical. My paranoia also wakes me up in the middle of the night telling me to go to cw on Monday to get a 60 day extension given my permission to stay ends Tuesday midnight. I also will sit it out, slightly worried about what will happen when the Amnesty ends.

  8. 28 minutes ago, William Osborne said:

    There would also be hoards at the Immigration office to avail of their normal 30 and 60 day extensions.


    Going to be s##t show everyhwhere once borders open and amnesty dropped...

    I respect Tonoshi and Ubonjoes opinions. In reference to my OP on this thread, I now assume the best course of action NOW is, to not apply for a 60 day extension even though the current permission to stay stamp expires mid April. Wait, until the Amnesty period is over, and then do a border hop OR go to immigration to apply for a 60 day extension. This is taking into account details contained in the OP which I'm sure apply to many.

  9. 14 minutes ago, William Osborne said:

    Here lies the problem, every IO all over the country will make up their own rules/interpretation of the amnesty.


    Clearly he is wrong but good luck trying to tell him that when you go for next extension.


    The amnesty is fine for tourists who are stuck here and leaving via airports (probably never to return) but longtermers might want at least check with their local IO.....could also forsee problems rocking up on a border run with a void extension of stay.

    So this is confusing. No-one can really say with certainty it seems.

  10. 7 hours ago, Maestro said:

    I have seen this now;




    The way I read this, if you not go for the regular 60-day extension you should have an automatic extension until 30 April.

    I think so. And if the Amnesty is not extended beyond the 30th April I assume there will be a grace period to apply for a 60 day extension. But, who knows?

  11. 19 minutes ago, Tanoshi said:

    Guys, what you suggest is exactly what this amnesty was to prevent.

    Those with short term permission to stay not visiting the Immigration offices.

    You don't need to apply for 30, or 60 day extensions of any kind as your exempt and have permission to stay until further announcements, be it 1, 2, or 3 months.


    The cabinet didn't approve this order to not have foreigners huddled together like sheep, wondering if the guy in front or behind may be a virus carry. It was approved to protect the Immigration officers who had to go face to face with a hundred sheep, any one of whom could be carrying the virus.

    You had to bump shoulders with a few, whilst the IO's were forced to bump shoulders with hundreds


    Even those of us that have an annual extension are exempt 90 day reports until notified otherwise.

    The only visitors to Immigration should be the long stay termers who need to apply for their annual extensions. Everyone else 'stay home'.



    Exactly what I thought. In other words, if one's permission to stay stamp ends on the 25th of April and one applies for a 60 day extension after this permission to stay, say on the 29th of April, one still should be granted an extension.

  12. 21 minutes ago, Stocky said:

    If your current entry stamp expires 14th April I would go and get your 60 day extension before the 14th. I don't know if any automatic extension until April 30th applies to Non-O visa holders.


    I'm in a similar, but better, situation my ME Non-O expires June 4th and my current stamp is until end May, so w inill go for a 60 day extension then, and a 1 extension after that as I'm fortunate enough to have funds in the bank.

    Good point about the 60 day extension. Maybe someone can shed some light on this one? Ubonjoe?

  13. This has possibly been brought up in other posts but I guess many would be in a similar situation. My multi non o visa expires June 25th 2020, current 3 month stamp permission to stay until 14th April.

    I suppose options are: 1. Extend for 60 days between now and 30th April (and longer depending on if Amnesty is extended). 2. Extend for one year. 3. If borders open after 30th April do a border hop and get another 90 days. My question is, are the above possible, and, can a 60 day extension be done after the permitted to stay stamp date (in my case 14th April)?   If I do a border hop after 30th April, and the Amnesty is not extended beyond then, will I be overstay up until the date I leave and, will my visa be made invalid if I overstay?

    Looking for some advice as to the best way to proceed, btw, I cannot do a one year extension at the moment due to inadequate funds. Thanks for any advice.

  14. 23 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    I will wait until it tof from a official source and preferably a written order issued by immigration and/or a announcement in the royal gazette about a ministerial order for it.

    Ball park guess as to when this will be made official?

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  15. 1 hour ago, ubonjoe said:

    Are you sure that is a list for Bangkok immigration. I have seen no reports of all that being required there.

    It looks like the requirements at other offices.

    That is only for the 30 day special extension. You will be applying for the standard 60 day extension to visit you wife or children that doesn't require all of those.

    Ubonjoe: Just to clarify "you will be applying for the standard 60 day extension to visit your wife or children that require all of those." Do you mean that the standard 60 day extension does not require all of those? I assume just a typo.

  16. Currently have non o Multi expires June 2020.. Going to cw to apply for 60 day extension. Prior to this non o visa I had a retirement extension which expired June 2019, obtained through an agent. The agent did 90 day reporting for the retirement extension, using an isaan address (not my Bangkok address) for reporting. On obtaining the new non o multi marriage visa I did not do a tm30 to change my address to my actual Bangkok address so I assume the isaan address is still on immigrations system. I simply left the country every 3 months. I have all paperwork for a tm30 for my Bangkok address and the 60 day extension when I go to CW next week. What fireworks can I expect given my negligence of the updated tm30?

  17. 8 minutes ago, yourauntbob said:

    We did the TM30 when we first arrived but have since spent a few nights in a hotel.  Asked the wife about that before we left and she failed to redo it when we returned.  luckily it was not an issue.


    I had everything Joe recommended in my other thread



    p.s.  after we filled out 3 separate forms at immigration.  the IO asked i write my name, passport number, and date on a blank page.  Then she asked me to write "need only 60 days" and sign.  Was strange since that is what all the other documents stated.  

    Cheers. Seems like it went fairly smoothly. Well done.

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