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  1. 3 monthly border bounce due 14th April, looks like that will be difficult. My visa expires in June 2020. Can I go to immigration with the wife and get a 30 day extension? What exactly is required? Currently I rent a condo in Bangkok and she takes care if her mother in Udon Thani. P.S I have only 1 blank page remaining in my Aussie passport.

  2. 2 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    I have not seen any reports of problems at land border crossings related to corvid 19. 

    Ban Laem is a better crossing than Poi Pet.

    From Bangkok the Ban Phu Nam Ron crossing to Myanmar in Kanchanaburi is a good crossing and is the nearest to Bangkok. No need tor a full page visa sticker to enter Myanmar. Just a couple of stamps after paying 500 baht for a border pass.

    Thanks Joe. I have one full page left in my passport. Non imm o multi. Need to do visa run soon. So just to clarify, I do not get a Myanmar sticker or visa stuck into my pp at the above crossing, only entry/exit stamps so 1 page should suffice to include this plus Thailand stamps?

  3. On 12/9/2019 at 4:25 PM, ubonjoe said:

    If you have a multiple entry non-o visa issued by a embassy or consulate you can have your stamps transferred on departure from the country.

    I believe this can be done at the friendship bridge border to Vientiane, my question is, if I arrive at this border before 8am will they do it at the immigration office immediately on the left hand side of the immigration counters (as you leave Thailand), or will I have to do it somewhere else, such as the offices in Nong Khai? And if I arrive after 9am, same situation?

  4. 1 hour ago, ubonjoe said:

    To me it it seems that paying $15 US might be well worth the money to avoid the wait to apply for a VOA when entering Laos and saving one page in your passport.

    If you don't have the $30 US and pay 1500 baht for the VOA on entry that is about a 600 baht ($19.00) savings which pays for the $15 e visa fee.


    Very true. The problem is that it seems to want to charge me 86 euro for one visa. Tried it several times and the same charge appears. Wonder if others have had the same issue.


  5. 15 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    That looks like it is the fee for 2 visas. For a visa for a Australian it would be $45 US that comes out to ‪40.67‬ euro at today's rates.

    From this webpage. https://laoevisa.gov.la/fee-calculator


    Maybe the bank charges a large fee.

    Interesting. 50% more than the fee charged at the border for a Laos visa for Australians which is $30US (or $31 on weekends) if paid in US currency. If paid in THB it is higher again.

  6. 20 minutes ago, allencraig said:

    Be careful! When doing a border run fom Vietnam I was turned right back around in Vientiane because they saw I wouldn't have the page available for my reentry into Vietnam. (AND they expected me to pay for the additional flight back—couldn't transfer my existing return flight.)

    If you didn't have the page for a reentry stamp I think they were right. No?

  7. 3 hours ago, CMBob said:

    I did the e-visa thing online (one obtains an eVisa approval letter you download and print), crossed at the Friendship Bridge and presented my passport and the approval letter, and still got a full-page Visa sticker.  Presuming that's still the case, then the full page the OP has left will be used, leaving the one partial page remaining for the Laos "in" and "out" stamps and the Thai "in" and "out" Thai stamps.  Again, presuming that's still the case, the OP has essentially used up all his passport space.  While that could work if the two immigrations use the space left on the partial page conservatively, what happens if the OP needs to quickly exit Thailand (before getting a new passport) and there's no space left for any stamp?  Might be wise for the OP to get his new passport now.

    Seems like the online visa is well over priced. After entering all details carefully and correctly for an australian the following cost came up😁😁 Normally costs $30 US at the border.


  8. 13 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    You can get a Lao visa online now. You can use it a the Savannakhet and Vientiane entry points. See: https://laoevisa.gov.la/index

    That would avoid having a full page visa sticker for a fee of $15 above the normal visa fee you pay.

    After that entry you would need a new passport.



    Must be a fairly new thing. That's good news. I perused the site but couldn't find out payment methods. Has anyone got one before? Wonder if one needs a credit card or it can be paid for via online banking through a thai bank account?

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  9. Going on a 3 monthly border bounce end of Jan. Non o multi. Basically have 1.75 pages left (see attached). Last page for the Laos visa, second last page Laos in and out and Thai out and in stamps. Last page has some ink marks from the personal data page opposite but figure they will put the Laos visa on this page. Do I have enough space to come back into Thailand or time for a new passport?20191208_192856.thumb.jpg.4094f707c4e2e50020f09acdbd6d0254.jpg20191208_192914-2.thumb.jpg.77246cefa588089846da3ac511689ea5.jpg

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