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  1. And time after time enemies of the US explain THIS is what's angering them to the point of "terrorism." Most people aren't old enough to remember the war crimes the US did to North Korea. NORTH KOREA doesn't! They're not about to give up their nukes to appease the US.
  2. Who's taking bets on whether or not the guy eats the dog after getting out of the hospital?
  3. This is the exact same interference the CIA did when they backed a coup to remove Chavez. Chavez was back in power within 48 hours. I wish the US would stop meddling in other countries' affairs in the name of "human rights" when we all know it's for control of the largest oil fields on earth.
  4. You're in Thailand, you are a foreigner. Here is a complete list of all your rights: 1.
  5. How can you trust a man who promised you soap operas but never delivered?
  6. https://www.undercurrent.org/UCnow/dive_magazine/1998/ShallowWaterBends199810.html
  7. “This try drive was to a depth of about 10 metres led by a non-certified and non-experienced male guide." Two points: 1. The greatest danger for gas related illnesses is near the surface. The expansion of any gas in your body rises exponentially the closer you get to the surface. 2. "Non-experienced male guide." Nuff said.
  8. Yes, and his actions FINALLY have people becoming aware of the atrocities being brought on brown people in the US. And for those not aware, Kaepernick has donated $$$millions to this and other issues. He's a good man and this ruling is just a bunch of old white guys sticking together to keep the darkies down.
  9. It always astounds me that anyone would ask this forum for ANY kind of medical advice other than "where can I find good medical service?" I've met me, and I wouldn't trust MY opinion. As well, we can't agree on any issues. This kind of advice is for doctors only to give.
  10. I've been up and down Pattaya beach and I can't find the stretch shown in this picture.
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