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  1. Now DB has cut down his regular posting,someone else has to step up to ensure there's a regular supply of Nick Drake.
  2. i thought he promised the Mexicans would pay for it, not US taxpayers.
  3. I see Roger is now involving himself in Venezuelan politics. Time to do some homework to find out who are the good and bad guys there. In the meantime, more romance.
  4. What's happened to Roger? He's disappeared. Perhaps he's learning to fly and is obscured by clouds. Anyway, romance for Valentine Day
  5. In my experience the patient took the news bravely and stoically, Thais often seem to, I've met three who told me they had little time to live, 2 were suffering from liver cancer, and they were right. I think the consultant had good intentions, it seems a previous doctor hadn't been straight with the family, still her manner of delivery was somewhat abrupt. She could have adopted a softer tone. Perhaps she was overworked and tired.
  6. No problem, just 2 days ago the PM told Thai citizens to not believe political parties that promise a lot. 'They're only good at talking,' he said. Hopefully the people will believe the good general and not vote for this party that promises so much.
  7. I watch them online every night. It's not tripe. and I've often been surprised how much time they give to other parties. Suriya, one of the main men of Palang Pracharat, was interviewed two nights in a row, and now parties are hitting the campaign trail, they cover all the main politicians. Plus their studio discussions with the three regular pundits and moderator are fun and instructive
  8. Few Thais get annual holidays of two weeks in a row from their companies. So long holidays at New Year and Songkran are most welcome.
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