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  1. If it fails in Parliament I expect a longer extension, a year or more.
  2. Perhaps this new party is a reserve set up in case of disbandment of FFP.
  3. Cassius Clay read the Vietnam war well. Why should the black man go and kill the yellow man with whom he had no quarrel? Let the white man like Donald Trump go instead....only he didn't.
  4. The rational explanation is both the boxing supporters and Trump are brain damaged.
  5. Absolutely, boxing is one of the few sports where the objective is to render your opponent senseless
  6. The Brexiteers don't like to mention that our attraction as a market will decrease from well over 500 million people to 67 million. Little England literally.
  7. Ah, you're a prisoner who doesn't recognize the court.
  8. After seeing the complete bosh the British have made of their proposed exit, I don't think you'll see any members in a hurry to leave the EU. They're not that stupid.
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