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  1. Possible EU responses to the government's NI moves https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-eu-explainer-idUSKBN2AX1EC
  2. Fear over food shortage so a free ride for imports from the EU. Whatever happened to that 'taking back control of our borders'? You see how we need the EU, Brexiteers? So desperate for their food we abandon all checks. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/mar/06/food-scarcity-fears-prompt-plan-to-ease-post-brexit-checks-on-eu-imports BTW, why did the nurses only get a 1% pay rise? Didn't Brexiteers promise 350 million pounds a week for the NHS post Brexit?
  3. No, not dumb. I think Old Hippy is saying the term paramilitary flatters the members. It sounds disciplined, organised, a political force representing a movement, a group in society. But the members are in fact simply thugs with scarcely a braincell between them.
  4. Happy Birthday to one of the greats, David Gilmour. Such a player, and what a tone! As someone who is especially appreciative of his cows' dung for fertilizing the farm produce, this track has particular significance. Plus it's a great groove.
  5. Brexit is entirely responsible for this entire mess. Blair warned years ago both choices of border were unpalatable to the locals but Johnson pretended there need be no borders. If you want to blame anyone then blame Cameron for the absurdity that is Brexit. 'I know! Let's put up trade barriers with our nearest neighbouring countries. Let's make it difficult and expensive for 45% of our trade.' Stupid is not strong enough a word
  6. It's not looking good in NI https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/mar/04/brexit-northern-ireland-loyalist-armies-renounce-good-friday-agreement
  7. I was passing in my pick-up and there was a farang who looked similar to you, walking with his wife to the market I would have shouted out through the window, ' The owl who knows all!' but I was driving the opposite way. Lucky I didn't, confusion would have been his epitaph. 555
  8. Owl Sees All- did you go to the monthly market just outside Ban Dung today,?
  9. Born on this day- the man who wrote Mystery Trsin Happy Birthday to Snowy White, a fine guitarist, on lead guitar here with Peter Green
  10. Show some respect man, it's Lord Frost these days, what's all this Frosty nonsense? Hey, just realized! When the EU law stopping shellfish exports from third countries was agreed in 2008, guess who was the British MEP on the Fisheries Commission? Yes! dear Nigel Farage. 55555
  11. Supply chain disruption due to Brexit. ''But rather than early issues that will fade as firms adapt, company bosses say higher costs and delays are an endemic feature of Brexit and stand as a permanently higher cost of doing business with the EU.'' Ouch! https://www.bing.com/search?pc=COSP&ptag=D081620-N9997A497B51A919&form=CONBDF&conlogo=CT3335745&q=UK factory production slows amid brexit and covid disruption
  12. Born on this day- The inimitable Rory Gallagher Celtic blues, love how he takes it down and then builds it up again. Lou Reed- magnificent guitar interplay here between Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter
  13. Nearly 30% of small British firms have stopped exporting to the EU. EU customers look elsewhere for supplies. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/brexit-uk-manufacturers-import-export-orders-b1790270.html
  14. Leigh French, the hippie chick, is magnificent. Hilarious and beautiful, a lethal combination. Thank you for posting that TBTF. Happy Birthday Roger. Apart from the wonderful music, I've loved some of your and Pete's interviews over the years. I remember when you said that Pete wanted to be you. He had written all these great songs but the focus was on you, the singer with the long locks who scored all the girls. He's never got over having a big nose. 5555
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