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  1. Perhaps explaining the event below .https://news.thaivisa.com/article/32033/major-quake-feared-in-lampang-following-minor-tremors
  2. Rutting riff-raff, fornicating flagrantly amongst fellow foreigners. need to be taken to the dog compound to join fellow ferals in group seminars.
  3. My sister insisted on watching The Monkees on BBC1 Saturday early evening every week. They weren't the answer to The Beatles of course but they had a few catchy numbers. R.I.P. Peter Tork.
  4. You know that last sentence is a rhetorical question.
  5. Posters, don't forget the President (and founder if I remember right) of Rangsit University, Dr Arthit Ourairat, was a a well known passionate supporter of Suthep at the time of Bangkok Shutdown. Currently he has transferred his support to Prayuth so the results of this poll are really no surprise.
  6. A nice piano intro to entice the classical lovers and Leavers, and then.....
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