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  1. Growing potatoes by the score,. Any woman worth her salt loves a gardener, farmer, or guitar player. A wonderful melody from Bryan Ferry.
  2. I remember reading an article back in the day in one of the BP's supplements about the ravenous nature of the eucalyptus tree; its deep roots draining all the moisture and nutrients from the soil. Indeed, I've never seen anything significant growing in a eucalyptus plantation. As with many small farms the missus had planted some trees around the pond .Unfortunately the leaves are poisonous to most animals, not good if you have fish in the pond so I cut them down, my, those roots took some time to die. Had to use some powerful herbicide on the base of the trunks. The final row o
  3. It's weird still raining in Ban Dung at the end of October. Usually it ceases at the beginning of the month, regular as clockwork. But then it hardly rained at all in July. And the rain itself has been weird, not the usual heavy monsoon stuff, more like drizzle, light drizzle at that mainly. Good for plant growth, nothing washed away or overwhelmed. We seem to be catching the peripheries of these storms, though today the rain was persistent and hard at times. This has to be the end of the rainy season. I 've got loads of cow dung that needs drying, plus it's time for the firew
  4. So many great singles in the 60 blasting out of our tinny transistors. High energy rock n roll. And then the West Coast.
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