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  1. Hold your head up Rod. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Steve Hunter. What an intro this is!
  2. Al Murray is funny at times but nothing can compare to the brilliance below, Could be Brexiteer Brits in Spain today.
  3. I registered for the vaccine but how long is a piece of string? Over a year I reckon. I received good treatment as both an in and out patient, I love the way relatives are encouraged to stay with the patient. Can't do that in Udon. Where is that temple you recently posted? School starts on Monday, got to deliver and collect 6 kids. That bridge is not got to be finished on time;
  4. Anyone can be abusive, there's just no place for it on the world stage. As I said in another thread, it's a pity the Thai girls didn't shout out 'Srebrenica' in response.
  5. If you're insensitive, boorish and ignorant, then stick to your sport at the local level, amongst fellow idiots. There's no place for you on the international stage
  6. As a teen I used to read the music magazine ' Disc', later incorporated into 'Record Mirror', I remember on John Lennon's 30th birthday ( 1970), a reader had posted an indignant letter, ' These have-beens ( Lennon and Jagger) should retire, they're 30, over the hill. Make way for the youth!' Who would have believed 50 years later that Jagger would still be jumping all over the stage? Amazing really. A lovely song by Tim Hardin.
  7. 2 cracking tunes above, MD. Happy Birthday to Nancy Sinatra, 81 today! HB to Bonnie, 68 today. Would love to hear her speak French.
  8. Are you enjoying the rain now, Owl? After days of intermittent drizzle, it's tipping down now. Where is that Buddhist temple on the way to Udon? I'm taking my passport to Ban Dung hospital today to register for the Covid vaccine. Will let you know if successful. Having recently spent a week in Ban Dung hospital due to crushing my left hand in a sugar cane cutting machine, I saw at close quarters many elderly folk near to death, people on kidney dialysis, diabetics with infected wounds, and it only confirmed my own wish, expressed by some here, ' let me go quickly when the tim
  9. Clarence White was born on this day. Happy Birthday to Tom Jones, 81 today!
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