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  1. Too late for that at the moment, maybe next year. Most of the Napier is fine and the cows love it.
  2. A brother-in-law just told me it is aphids. Time to get out the trusted organic insect deterrent.
  3. I've noticed some of our young Napier grass are suffering from this blight on their leaves. One guy told me it was alphids but I don't think so. Does anyone have any ideas?
  4. This thread is about Cummings blatantly breaking government instructions for the population. Then making up some cock and bull nonsense/ lie about testing his eyesight on a public road, endangering other drivers, but it just happened to be his wife's birthday. Then there's his lie about predicting the corona virus on his blog by adjusting the date. But Boris can't sack him because he's incapable of acting as PM on his own. Pathetic.
  5. You could be right, they were so gullible and aroused they voted for Brexit, an economic suicide pact
  6. It's akin to saying, ' I'm not sure if I'm too pist to drive, better go for a spin to find out. Sorry if I kill anyone on the way. Oh! By the way, hop in son, take the wheel if dad finds it too much.'
  7. You cant have one rule for Cummings and another for the rest of the UK population, as the Labour Party so rightly say. Some are more equal than others, ha, ha. Why can't Boris sack him? Perhaps he has a few of Johnson's skeletons in his cupboard, ready to spring out if he is sacked. Maybe Johnson is simply incapable of running the government on his own. Either way, the pair of them are facked. Be alert! A Cummings at Barnard Castle!
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