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  1. My advice is to not do or say anything around your Chinese Electronics you don't want known to others.
  2. OK, where is your list. Nobody is preventing the other nations from publishing their own list except inertia.
  3. With that defense spending budget, I'd expect them to be invited to join NATO.
  4. I want to know how the UK can play hardball with these Euros? Trade Wars are easy to win, what is so hard about an exit war ?
  5. Six more years of ANYONE is gonna be bad for America, it has already reached its' peak, all downhill now. I do like that grey pin stripe suit, can't find that material in Pattaya.
  6. No dog should be killed before it mauls a child or gives rabies to a person. There is a feral dog problem in Thailand and it is just gonna get worse.
  7. Illinois has some of the most draconian gun laws of any of the United States States. Gun laws don't work.
  8. If he played in 2013 and last suited up in 2016 he may have had the average NFL career of five years or less. He just wasn't good enough on the field to counter his attitude in the locker room. It isn't 'all good' when it takes a team effort to win.
  9. Shouldn't Soi Boars get to be left alone just as the dogs are?
  10. Now wait up a minute; this lawyer probably doesn't realize how many die everyday from these motorbikes. Doesn't need to use a ten wheeler to get the job done.
  11. Might be where the dual pricing would come in handy for falang; cost two to ten times more to kill falangs. Good Deal that.
  12. Bright side is there isn't dual pricing to view. 555
  13. Perhaps the guy was selling tickets for the boat ride or had just got paid for two weeks work.
  14. So, I wonder if the US has placed a 'red' pickup on site warning for her and her friends, with the Interpol?
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