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  1. Thank you Denmark. I am glad the US taxpayer isn't going to be on the hook for welfare payments to that entire province. I'm sure the US is paying out the wazoo for the base we do have there.
  2. Looks by the fresh gravel/rock that the line had been worked on recently. Parts at second hand shop probably surplus from tracks that were upgraded/repaired/fixed. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that these used parts were even from that section of track.
  3. Just finished reading where they found a 40 year old bomb next to a river in Cambodia. What would be the punishment for pointing at the MK-82 bomb with your foot ?
  4. I think that if anything goes wrong he can always cop a plea that he really isn't responsible because he didn't do the oath. It seems that all the PMs eventually do something wrong.
  5. No , only Internet Explorer 4.0 and Windows 98 Well darn, they can get a good deal on Commodore-64 from the Chinese.
  6. Because there are no bad Thai's, silly farang. Oh, and most Thai's can't or won't cough up the fine for not doing so.
  7. Like what happened in El Paso is going to keep Mexicans out of the USA. Many more than that are killed by cartels in Mexico everyday, Mexican gangs kill about that many in America weekly.
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