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  1. The trans genders only wantt to serve so that they get FREE gender reassignment surgery at the militaries (tax payers) expense. A no brainer for those that want a free medical ticket for the rest of their lives.
  2. I pretty much can only take a couple minutes of POTUS sniffing up the snot from his nose when he makes speeches. I am not against Trump, just don't like thinking he is doing too much cocaine up his nose and his constant sniffing bothers me. However I think this speech may well be news worthy for a terribly nasty reason; like Michael was being set up at the Italian Restaurant; I'm afraid the excuses for why POTUS wasn't protected sufficiently is already in play. If I was Mike Pence I'd be in a safe house during that speech.
  3. She is too old for him, too tall too. Great looking woman but date/time stamp approaching quickly. Let's see, he's around 54 so that'd be 27 plus 7, needs a 34 year old one at the max. YMMV
  4. What type of visa does this guy use?
  5. The earth will be inherited by the rule breakers.
  6. So far Los Angeles would be the best they could get to, not so bad when you think about it.

    Prince Philip, 97, escapes unhurt from car crash

    Now come on guys, in the past a Royal mistake would of cost thousands of lives; some English.
  8. I am pretty sure so much tightening has been done on her face that it is squeezing her head. I appreciate a pretty face much as the next person but not if it affects the the brain.
  9. Wowee, from government control to industrial control. Damn them all, including Stark Industries, Wonka, Acme, and that mining company from Alien.
  10. Well after all, Thunderdome was in the Indo Pacific. I do worry when they want to assist 700,000 Muslims knowing that ten percent of them want to kill all non-muslims. Choose the 630,000 carefully and I can get on board.
  11. Just because the last one lasted 111 days too long ? I'll wager what she learned from this experience isn't what most BMs expect.
  12. This is going to turn out to be entrapment by the FBI. Some hothead blowing off steam gets assistance from the FBI 'consultants' and encouragement from the same. If some tipster hadn't got involved this idiot would still be ranting his Jihad screed and getting laid. Government made terrorist that one.
  13. Shouldn't the cost of the unpaid for drugs be included when discussing 5000 baht figure? The kid was killed for the 5000 baht plus the cost of the drugs he didn't pay for, I'd think.
  14. Americans get ripped off by mass media telling the average Joe how much he should pay for a used car; the mass media is a shill for the used car sellers. It is a rigged game in the USA.