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  1. Well then, lets get them there. Which countries will volunteer for Chinese army bases first ? Plenty of European nations are waiting in line for an opportunity at hosting the Chinese army.
  2. I have to believe the Ambassador knows that. There are serious bribery for business laws in America that can and will be used against bribers. Truly, can any business be conducted by a foreigner in Thailand that does not revolve around bribes? The reasons behind the Ambassadors comments are unknown. Could be the justice department in the USA needs some fools to convict for bribery.
  3. Using condoms should be encouraged. I hope a few Wai's and a small fine is the result of this entrapment. You just got to figure out these sex workers were stepping on a connected someone's toes.
  4. "Canary" What does that represent? An oriental, an asian, a caucasion of chicen<deleted> character? "Coal Mine"; for sure that is PC for negro, colored, African, etc... I hate it when they are so subliminal I can't catch it. Wonderful that I haven't catched Covid-19. You'd think they come up with a more Canary type term.
  5. In Theory , Gifts of weapons from foreign countries seeking cuddles from Thailand. These gifts can be turned into money that also provides cuddles, I would suppose.
  6. I thought Biometric at immigration was fingerprints when you enter the country. The perps fingerprints may not be on file anywhere as he was just a suspect, not arrested yet in Florida.
  7. Meme You can just guess the mean, sarcastic, hate filled 'memes' that picture POTUS in a mask would generate by the loving liberal left.
  8. The treaty is being broken by Russia. What is the proper response when a treaty is not being complied with? Why do your part if the other party isn't doing what they promised. The 'deal' has already been broken, now a correct reaction is being sought.
  9. Should I understand that only one royal turtle laid eggs this year?
  10. Sedition ? Acts against the state? Government taking the <deleted>, wear the mask while drinking coffee.
  11. No, it isn't. How did you decide to get the USA involved in this topic? We leave that hyperbolic language better for other countries...
  12. OK, I believe both are correct. Trump got <deleted> on his shoes and Pelosi has mental issues. Too bad she can't change her mind like he can change his shoes.
  13. I'm of the opinion it was elderly abuse by the guard. Tell me he'd of acted the same against a couple people his own age. What is going to be solved by punishing this old lady? A couple wai's and a 500 baht fine is enough in this case.
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