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  1. Yes, didn't figure I needed to add the tongue-in-cheek emoji. Indonesia can sue whoever they choose to. The USA should think about itself, at all times.
  2. Looks like the US will be shipping thru the South China Sea to Vietnam.
  3. So that the USA has something to protect in Thailand. If there isn't any investment then Americans will not support spilling patriotic blood to chase the Chinese out.
  4. Do these vocational thugs work together after graduation? Do they work in the same factories and fight during lunch hour? Idiocy.
  5. Really, how do we know that that is Pedro Pascal? It's a full body and face costume, anyone could be in there. First 3 episodes I thought the voice was Timothy Olyphant.
  6. Seems to be working; 80 years or so since Russia got invaded.
  7. I go to the branch nearest the immigration office. I figure that branch is plenty familiar with the needed documents. Bangkok Branch Jomtien on 2nd road maybe 100 yard south of Soi 5.
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