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  1. Yes this case OTT. But their are still a lot of snowflakes who think cops should pussy foot and never be harsh with any criminals ever. That’s just complete BS.
  2. English is my native language. And this event too shall pass. Especially if you can turn CNN off.
  3. Oh and no one in England or Switzerland or where ever believe this? 330 million in USA and 50 million in England. Sure a few more Americans have whacked out beliefs. Stop being so naive loser.
  4. It boggles the mind more that you think this is a normal event and that people who used counterfeit money are treated like this even once before. Then you insinuate that a suspected murderer would be treated even more harshly.
  5. Oh you don’t think being forced to stay inside for a couple months and now summer weather is upon places like Columbus and Minneapolis and NYC etc and some people are simply bored and want to join in ANYTHING that lets groups or can’t control groups isn’t a big factor in all of this? Then there is the CNN factor too adding to all this.
  6. Oh yah. Those were tweets you decided to include. Get a life dude! Was there anything positive you could add to this? Or just a miserable guy continuing in misery.
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