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  1. It is not, as it makes Thai exported good more expensive. It is also not good for tourism as it's getting more expensive. All one can say is wait and see how it develops.
  2. If one wants to believe in the promises o fPresident Trump............As far as the EU, or the EURO, is concerned, it will not be negatively affected as much as the UK.
  3. The Pound may rise in few years, but unless there is an agreed Brexit, there is only one way the Pound will go in the coming years, and this is down, down and down......
  4. But what was the exchange rate prior to the referendum in June 2016 and thereafter, against the Euro or US Dollar. Obviously the Baht has strengthened against most currencies, but at the same time the Pound weakend against most currencies. Therefore the devaluation of the Pound to the Baht is stronger. Just common sense.
  5. This is a typical anti German cheap propaganda. Obviously, Germany will also be negatively affected by Brexit, as other EU countries, but the real BIG loser will be the UK. Unfortunately, and I mean it, wait and see......
  6. Utter nonsense! I know quite a few expats who are older than 75 and have been living here for many years.
  7. With President Trump and associates, you are right. Your country, the US, may follow suit. No wonder President Trump encourages no deal Brexit, he wants to be in "good" company.......
  8. NEVER burn your bridges to home applies always and any where. Admittedly, here in Thailand immigration hustle makes life difficult for some, to most expatriates. The strong Baht makes life even more difficult for some, but all this may occur wherever you go. Today Malaysia and Vietnam seem to some pleasant countries to retire to, but tomorrow things may change there. That's life. It's different if one actually immigrates to a typical immigration country (like Canada, Australia, NZ and the USA-before or after Trump) at a young age and really makes home there. Otherwise never burn your bridges, you may very well need to use them..... at a young age
  9. May I just point out that the Rohingas are being mistreated by the Burmese and who is supplying them with arms and supporting them politically? Just guess, the innocent, peace seeking and humanistic Israel. Israel is being held to the same standard as others and the using of the label of antisemitism against critics of Israel, read Jewish publications financed by Israel, will before too long boomerang, as the „cry wolf“
  10. Legal in most countries, but „anti Semitic“. That is a weapon used politically by the Israeli propaganda machine and its affiliates.
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