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  1. Hey, I hear they're looking for farang tourist police, you sound perfect! Good guys in, bad guys out!
  2. And so the noose tightens. I remember couple years back retirees and well off business owners and married chaps all giddy and happy they were cracking down on the "riffraff" and "undesirables" trying to stay here long term (I was on non-B myself for 6 years)... I said then, soon it will be you... And here the days are coming. Downright shame for all of us.
  3. People without real jobs with way too much time on their hands trying to look busy and useful.
  4. Anyone done this before can help with details? I have spoken to China-Southern but apparently can't do with connecting flights... They have the best prices by far, but I can't seem to find even pricier options non-stop... Maybe another airline that does allow on 1x or 2x flights? Or some airline that has non-stop that allows cats and decent pricing? Any help appreciated
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