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  1. Update. I managed to register the app using my GiffGaff UK SIM - SMS sent to that number arrived within seconds so it seems that there was a problem with Barclays sending SMS to AIS. Unfortunately, I still can't log into online banking using the app! I'm getting a 40706 error. No idea what that is and nothing relevant that I can find on the web. I suspect that it stems from when the app was broken and was giving incorrect codes. I did try several times with the different codes that it produced so maybe there's a limit on the number of tries before the system locks you out. Nothing that I can do now until Monday, when i might be able to talk to someone at Barclays. I
  2. i do actually have a UK SIM from GiffGaff - hardly ever used - so maybe I'll try that. Previously though, I registered the Barclays app on my normal AIS SIM. Maybe something has changed. i know that the Barclays app gets updated quite regularly on Android.
  3. Not sure about that. I've had instances in the past where I've definitely needed mobile data service turned on to receive international SMS. I thought that this might have been the problem with Barclays but it seems to make no difference. Wifi is on, of course, and my internet is working normally.
  4. Not sure. You certainly don't need the data service turned on to use the app once it's been registered. If all else fails I'll look into your suggestion.
  5. And I just tried phoning them. Guess what, because of Covid their customer service dept is closed. Should be open Monday so I'll try then.
  6. The registration procedure seems happy to accept + as the international access code then, omitting the zero, add the relevant phone number. So, in my case +66xxxxxxxx. The registration confirms that an SMS has been sent - but it gets lost somewhere. I looked at the link that you provided - thanks - but you still end up needing the SMS activation code. I'm 90% through the registration and I'm stuck so I think I'll just try getting the code over the phone.
  7. Yes, the physical card reader works fine, which is OK as long as it keeps working. I'd really like the mobile version to work again but it seems that i just can't receive the activation SMS for some reason. In extremis, i can try to phone Barclays but that is seldom a happy experience. Waiting for ever while listening to some cr*p music and then eventually ending up talking to someone in Mumbai who knows nothing is not my idea of fun!
  8. I'm not clear if you used a card reader or the mobile app. I can do a transfer by logging in to online banking with the card reader. It's the mobile app that stopped working and now I can't reinstall it because the activation code SMS never arrives. Not urgent as long as the card reader still works - but I had one die on me a couple of years ago so I like to have a contingency. I normally use the mobile app - saves digging the card reader out of the safe!
  9. My Barclays mobile PIN Sentry - on my Android phone - stopped working for some reason. The codes produced by the app were not being recognized by the online banking site so I could not log in to online banking. i could still get in by using my card reader and debit card so I sent Barclays a secure message. Their response was that I should reinstall the app. OK, can do, but cannot register my phone because the SMS with the registration code never arrives. My data service is turned on and everything looks correct but no SMS appears so I'm stuck. I've messaged them again but the response time is long - up to five days at the moment. Covid delays, i guess. Anyone out there had a similar problem? if so, how did you solve it? Is there another way to get the registration code? I believe that there is supposed to be a way, using the card reader but I don't know what this is. It's not obvious, to me anyway! Any suggestions gratefully received.
  10. Stephen Hawking was undoubtedly a very clever man but I wonder just how much his fame was owed to his very unfortunate disability. There are equally brilliant physicists and mathematicians out there who do not get the same acclamation. Roger Penrose comes to mind. Hawking's equal in many ways but how many people outside of the scientific community have even heard of him!
  11. My son was at school with Rowan Atkinson when they were at St. Bees School in Cumbria.
  12. Any idea how long TMB in Pattaya takes to produce a 12-month statement? Do Jomtien Immigration want this to be no more than a day old, as with the other bank letter that certifies the account?
  13. TMB even refused to open a secured account for me so that I could get a (pdeudo) credit card based on that account. This, after having a savings account with them for 15 years. They even denied that a foreigner could open a secured account, despite what it said on their web site at the time! I had more luck with Kasikorn but it turned out, in the end, that they would only issue a credit card on a secured account if I purchased some expensive insurance from them. I didn't pursue the matter. I think, to some extent, the response that you get depends on the particular branch that you are dealing with so it might be worthwhile trying a different one. My experience was with the main branches of TMB and Kasikorn in Pattaya. i think it very unlikely though that you will get an unsecured credit card here unless you have a work permit and a job.
  14. No sign of my P60 yet. Of course, even assuming that the item makes it from UK to Thailand, there is still the possibility - maybe probability - that it will disappear into the black hole of Thailand Post! I'm in Pattaya, dark side, and our mail deliveries here are appalling. Lucky to get one delivery a month and when stuff does come it's often weeks out of date. Even local stuff goes missing - ToT bills seldom appear - and how much stuff from UK has never made it I've no idea! We have poked the local office and even complained to Customer Service in Bangkok but little has changed for the better!
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