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  1. i am in bangkok since 30 years but not with all the regular visa or permanent residency now i am on retired visa. the problem is ...media say euro is not secured in long term. yes i need advice how to split this money amount . all in thai baht because i will stay now here in thailand no back europe. open foreign euro currency account in kasikorn and siam or krungsri ? how much in thai baht how much in euros ? should i buy $$$. buy thai gold option i know thats ok . the headache how to split amount ???? no risky investment ....
  2. I am a retired 64 year old farang in thailand leaving in thailand since 30 years .so I know this thai life very well but now i have a headache due a real estate sale i got 227.000.-- euros ..... can you suggest me what to do or how to invest this money in a thai bank . thats in fact my pension money normal pension is only 25.000.-- thai baht per month. thank you
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