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  1. Sure, CNN Health of all things!: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/04/health/george-floyd-coronavirus-autopsy/index.html What?! Can't do your own google or need to be retrained on it? What's so important about whether he did or did not have the virus compared to all the other issues exposed by this death and inflicted on the entire USA and several other countries?
  2. career criminal or not.. does not matter only thing that matters is what happened at that time. The guy is no saint and he probably deserved punishment for crimes but that is not up to the police and certainly not a death penalty as what happened now. So that's all that matters, huh? It doesn't matter that a drug-addicted, coronavirus-infected ex-con decided to drive around that day and got snagged by the police and then resisted arrest. Fve lives have probably been destroyed, depending on the outcome of the trials of these police officers. Throw in the killings and injuries of several including law enforcement officers and others and property destruction that has occurred over this under the guise of "peaceful protests" and we have a tragedy that goes far beyond the death of George Floyd. The crimes committed by the mobs and the wanton destruction far exceeds the crimes that may have been committed by these cops. The death of George Floyd was obviously a trigger to a tsunami of crimes of death and destruction.
  3. There apparently is an attempt to sacrifice some of these officers that didn't really deserve to be, AFAIC. Maybe there are "systemic" issues other than the racism claimed by what amounts to a lynch mob? I hope the all get fair trials.
  4. No protests and no arrests, I doubt we would have heard about it had Floyd been white. Or that video had not been made by the bystander.
  5. Social distancing is a misnomer anyway - It should be termed anti-social distancing.
  6. Looks like we have we have a Tagged team going here. I'm done with both of you.
  7. They voted for Bernie, so everything is possible. In this world we have today, you choose to believe what you want, and it becomes the truth, your truth, and many more who wants the same as you. Social media brainwashing is it now, helped by news and media channnels on either side. The most important to realize you guys have a serious problem, and that is not the temporary crime you experience at the moment with looting done by criminals, it is your whole system from top to bottom of the line of people who should serve and protect. Trump is not the leader to serve, protect and unite. Bought the whole package, huh? Are you a U.S. citizen with skin in the game and or a current resident of the USA? I guess not. And apparently you don't know much about U.S. Federalism [link], do you? There are fifty stars on the U.S. Flag and the country is called (officially) the United States of America. You, perhaps, should do some reading about the structure of the U.S. Federal government and states governments and their relationship before posting your dubious opinions on that subject. By law, the U.S. President cannot simply override the individual state's Governors and invade the states with Federal troops (unlike, I believe, Thailand). The recent news is that he has "threatened" to employ the Insurrection Act [link] to override the Governors' inaction (or poor judgment) and deploy Federal troops (or Federalize the states' National Guards). This action has been taken several times in the past by eleven different Presidents including both Bush Presidents, Johnson JFK and seven more going back to Thomas Jefferson. Again, President Trump (follow the above link and do some reading) is taking flak (as he usually does) from all quarters for only threatening to use the Act if the Governors cannot contain the violence under the pretense or cover of peaceful protests - one of their primary responsibilities (if is not not their primary responsibility).
  8. Fox News could not have parroted that any better....congrats. The moment of clarity Bush had was knowing he should speak to the fact that, the "senile" guy that openly questioned if injecting bleach into the body would cure the corona virus....thinks he should "DOMINATE" because he had to go hide in a basement after he had mocked Biden for months for staying at home "in his basement". So butt hurt and embarrassed he then proceeds to clear out a peaceful protest with rubber bullets and pepper gas so he could power walk across a park, hold up a bible....UPSIDE DOWN (what an idiot) for a PHOTO OP. He did not open the bible and maybe quote something of inspiration or maybe pray (since he was in front of a...well you know....church). Instead he chose to use force on a peaceful protest for the all important and nationally pressing issue of a photo op for him and his White Collar Crew. How much do you think Ivanka got yelled at for wearing a mask to the photo op? That was Bush's moment of clarity...realizing that it is Big Orange that is the one plunging into senility and maybe he should not so subtly hint to the rest of the republican party that your boy is f'ing it up....big time. It's extremely bad form to edit someone's post without at least indicating one has done so. This is what the US news media is notorious for doing in distorting the reporting of current events. For the record, the link to the comment you had replied to and edited in your reply is HERE. BTW, most of what you said had occurred was as bogus as that infamous Steele dossier. I'd have that TDS you are afflicted with checked ASAP. And stop believing everything put out my the US mainstream media and start, possibly for the first time in your life IMHO, doing come independent critical thinking.
  9. Biden, of course. The creator of the "unarmed man with a knife". That should be shot, according to Biden, in the leg". Haven't you been following what he's been gaffing lately?
  10. Looks to me like W has had a moment of clarity...senile would be the one that has a problem with his message. And that "moment of clarity" would be, exactly?
  11. Bush has gone senile. It's a good match for Biden. They should <deleted> and work on their non-political bucket lists. They've already done enough damage to America and the world at large. Or have we forgotten about the invasion of Iraq already?
  12. You should read up what the ‘rule of law’ has to say about deploying the Military against US citizens. Trump will do nothing other than play hide and tweet. Are you sure, Kuhn Chomper? Chomp on this: I just heard an emergency broadcast message being broadcast on KSFO AM 560 (internet streamed), San Francisco, interrupting the current program underway and announcing an 8PM curfew in San Francisco to take effect immediately.
  13. President Trump just made a national speech. He promised he would do what it takes, US military and all to get the unlawfulness stopped. The rule of law seemed to me the primary focus of his speech. He is going to be accused of taking dictatorial action. If that's what it takes, that's what it takes, IMHO.
  14. Because HE is the clown who coined the stupid phrase, Make America Great Again! It wasn't a democrat governor! Who is the Commander in Chief? I think someone needs to bone up on Federalism in the USA instead of blindly posting nonsense.
  15. Here's a hint: start with the fact that systemic change does not happen at the ballot box, then go and read the histories of the French and American revolutions. Not with these people. They're not capable at several levels, in several important ways. Not to mention their opposition is well-armed and they are not. It doesn't look as if they could assemble a simple Molotov cocktail, but I wouldn't want to, ahem, underestimate some of the creative contributors to this mayhem.
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