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  1. I'm going to continue to wear my upgraded, 0.2 micron, N95 (at least) mask when out and about regardless of the state of the presence of Sars-Cov-2. Why? Take a look at the Bangkok Real-time Air Quality Index sometime. For me, even "moderate" pollution is unacceptable. Even the allegedly "Good/Green", a Bangkok rarity, is not good enough for me because it's not based, usually, on 0 micrograms/cubic meter of PM2.5 particulates.
  2. How is it that the most powerful man in Thailand is wearing a relatively un-protective, cheap, paper medical/surgical mask (refer to OP's image) that will not protect him from the runaway air pollution's PM2.5 particles (or smaller) nor from virions and bacteria. One would think he could afford at least an N95 personal protection mask. Maybe he's trying to appeal to the masses by wearing the same type of relatively un-protective mask that most of them are wearing?
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