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  1. Don’t thinks so gonna try Suksawad Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  2. Hi Many moons ago I went into a small woodyard.....on the road between moat and start of Hang Dong Rd on right not far from flyover end.....and got them to fabricate a bed end to match the bedhead. They did it well, but i believe this place is closed. I was just about to make some squarish shelves and some slightly odd shaped shelves for a walk in closet at our new home, but as usual short of time. Thinking if I could find a blockboard (a common type of sheet like plywood) supplier who would nicely cut to shape I could give them future board thin plastic templates to copy, and it would save half my work. Anyone know of such a place? Thanks
  3. Everyone i know at Riverside seems happy there......and notably one friend there disdains Rimping in comparison. Pool gets reflected sun so can be used all year round unlike most condos. Market nearby. Quality gym and another pool next door in Holiday Inn friends pay about 1500pm. Hospital very near. Cheap fees.
  4. They ARE buying and whats more are not mean, seem happy to pay over the odds even know a couple of examples in one of the older condos in CM that were overpaid, one bought unseen, just from photos and recommendation.
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