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  1. cheeryble

    Power tool brand for decent quality great price

    Hi STWW and Tanoshi The finish I want is not the "brown matt paint" type which is often used for wooden houses. Rather I want something with more of a soft lacquer look. It’s for open wardrobe shelving and maybe drawers, and should match these doors furniture and posts 20150831-002A7104.dng I hadn’t thought of the damp effect The shelves etc will fit in between various sized sections like this which go round two walls of the dressing room I think a test may be called for with an off cut. Just gotta find an offcut Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. cheeryble

    Power tool brand for decent quality great price

    Thanks for the great advice confirms my thoughts that going economical can be ok (also not ok like the Ryobi). I actually have a B and D corded hammer drill or I’d buy the Bosta. But would like a cordless drill with decent battery (pref 2) for small drilling and screwdriving. The only other thing I have is a cheap but ok angle grinder so I guess a circular saw is on the cards may be cutting up a few sheets of MDF soon. Bonus question: Has anyone stained MDF with dark oak finish......wondering if it would look well or would we know it was MDF underneath? Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  3. I can't remember if it was Wickes or Homebase in England where 15-20 years ago I bought a fairly hefty cordless drill which never broke down, and had quality batteries which lasted. They had a range of tools. I can't remember the brand but they were definitely NOT the price of normal quality tools. ( i had a lovely Wickes double handed SDS hammer drill which never failed and was also reasonably priced while not super cheap. I'm not using tools daily any more, so i don't need the best but I am considering getting a bit better kitted up with both power and hand tools and i would like them to last. I'm guessing there must be at least one brand of power tools probably from China that has built up a reputation for decent quality at a really good price. The question is does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  4. cheeryble

    Slow running taps!

    I was gonna suggest the filters, honest Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  5. Hi it’s a bog standard fridge the height of my chest.....push button defrost, the type that cost under 7000 The compressor is running, there are no coils or fins visible down there I guess they’re in the cowling, and it says on e back the sides can get warm. I can’t feel or hear any fan at the top end. I hear a hint of liquid gurgling, just a hint. In the icebox there’s some broken plastic at the front and on the metal casing there’s paint missing the size of 25 satang and looks rusty. I think someone’s tried to lever ice out thebox and maybe made a leak or corrosion which has become a leak. The wife took it out of a condo she rents out and replaced it with an auto defroster. Anyway..... Around the little rusty area and in e tray underneath there,s a little light clear oily feeling stuff. I suspect this is refrigerant. She went to a local guy who asked for 1200 to fix. So if it was fixed there'd be a bit of cracking etc inside, but the outside looks like new, it’s maybe 4 years old. It could be a good fridge for the outside kitchen to be. Is it a fair price? Sounds dear, if so what should I pay for call out repair assuming it needs an epoxy leak fix and refrigerant refill? Would a refrigerant leak stop the top fan working via perhaps a cut out? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app