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  1. Thanks again Don Mega. Do you see any drawbacks of that model (AOC LED MONITOR IPS 24V2Q/67 75Hz FREESYNC)?
  2. Don Mega, thanks for the reply and suggestion. Please tell me if the AOC Monitor 24 รุ่น 24B2XH/67 75Hz is Anti-Glare. All other specs are looking adequate, including the price. I just never heard of that brand AOC.
  3. I've made a pic of my old monitor, attached.
  4. Thanks for the replies. worgeordie, the white dots are only visible over the black background. ukrules, yes, it's a screenshot. probably not very good. I've posted another one. My desktop space is allow for 23"~24" monitor. What have to look for when choosing a monitor? What about those curved ones? Are they any good for reading text?
  5. My current monitor is SAMSUNG SyncMaster P23 (23") 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz It has a problem when in black, it looks like this: white dots all over the black, see attached pic. I'm not sure if it's possible to repair it. Please advise on a new monitor of at least 23": which specs to look for, what brand, where to buy in Bangkok. I'm not a gamer, general computer use (Win 10 Pro), watching movies, etc. My budget is ฿ 6.000-7.000. The cheaper the better.
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