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  1. The topic is about removing statues of BRITISH Slave Traders. Unless Britain has statues of Black Africans who captured slaves in Africa and sold them, it is nothing more than a deflection from the topic. Stay on topic or face a suspension.
  2. Off-topic posts and replies reported and removed. Please stay on topic. It's not about China or Covid.
  3. There are other threads that are more suited to discussion of how vaccines work. This one is about Europe's vaccine roll out. But just to clarify, no disease has ever reached herd immunity WITHOUT a vaccine. It just doesn't happen. Also, no vaccine is 100% effective, not everybody can even take a vaccine. The goal is to immunize enough people to halt the spread. Now, back on topic, please.
  4. That's not exactly how viruses work, but the overall point is to prevent the virus from starting to replicate inside the cells. That is a daunting task and varies from person to person and vaccine to vaccine. None of them are 100% effective. The point is if you have a very low level, short lived infection, how contagious are you?
  5. Yes, they will probably save your life. This virus is still relatively new and the vaccines are all very new and largely untested in real-life situations. As time goes by, more and more information will become available. It's important to remember that vaccines really don't prevent people from getting a virus; they prevent us from getting sick from the virus. They, hopefully, prevent the virus from actually getting a foothold in your system. If you have the flu vaccine (or a particularly good natural immunity), you will still get the virus if you are
  6. A post with a link to the BKK post has been removed. We are not allowed to post from the Bangkok Post. That's their rule, not ours. Edit: Please note, this topic is NOT about Thai elections.
  7. Troll post removed. I think we've finished with the 'how long the Maori have been in NZ' discussion. It's off-topic.
  8. //CLOSED// Topic continues here: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1207219-facebook-refriends-australia-after-changes-to-media-laws/
  9. It's hard to know the specifics of these programs, BUT the English program usually means they get almost all the subjects taught in English. They will have a few subjects taught in Thai, including Thai language and possibly a social class which centers a lot on Thai Buddhism, culture and history. Otherwise, it's English all the way. In my experience, students are streamed into Math/Science streams until about G. 10. In elementary school, it will probably mean a couple of extra hours of math, but remember at his age, this is really only arithmetic. Any real attempt to teach more tha
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