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  1. The most positive thing about working in a Thai school was working with some of the nicest people I've ever met. Not only were most of them colleagues but many are life-long friends. I also had the opportunity to teach some amazing students. Some have really managed to go a long way and have stellar careers, but even some of the sort of 'lost causes' have managed to pull themselves up and make a decent life for themselves. I am also very good friends with many of those who have careers of their own. The most negative thing was, well, it was a Thai school!!
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  4. With cases ticking upward, one province has indicated that everyone must register for a vaccine by May 31 or face a possible month in jail and a 10,000 baht fine. Although this doesn't state that people will be forced to actually take the vaccine, in your opinion do you believe that the Thai government should mandate vaccines. Chose the option that best expresses your opinion on the subject. Please feel free to leave a comment.
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  6. I am not currently in Thailand, but when I was there and filed, I couldn't file electronically. I have always had to mail it in because the taxes are slightly complicated, so a number of forms. Last year's taxes took forever to be processed and the return was so slow that I also got a small but welcomed interest check for the delay. This year, I had to pay in, so I don't really care, but the IRS is a extremely slow and I am sure that with both stimulus checks and regular taxes during the pandemic, they will be playing catch up for quite a while.
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