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  1. I have also heard good things about St. Joseph's, but I think it is a bit pricey. Definitely worth checking out.
  2. More troll posts have been removed. This is the final warning. Suspensions will follow if it continues.
  3. A post with inflammatory language has been removed.
  4. By and large it is quite difficult and dangerous to use a fake degree. The Teacher's Council requires that the degrees be verified and usually certified copies of the transcript(s) must be supplied. The school is checked against a list of certified schools to make sure it is an accredited college/university. I suspect that there are people who snuck into the system years ago with a fake degree and may still be around, but nowadays it's difficult. That said, I am sure there are people who have managed to buy a degree and transcripts that got through. I know for a time these scam Universities were advertising, but then the TC started checking to make sure it was an accredited school.
  5. For a lot of the schools, they will be practically closed when you arrive. There is usually staff on duty, but finding someone that speaks English might be a bigger problem. In April, a lot of schools run summer programs. You should be able to see the school, get some basic information and costs, though. Best of luck.
  6. That school in the vicinity of Suksawat Rd, so it would be rather far, I think. There is another Sarasas School located on Nam Daeng Rd -- in the vicinity of Wat Nam Daeng. The name is Sarasas Suvarnabhumi School, but I don't have the actual address. There are other schools on Nam Daeng Rd that I believe have English (and Chinese) programs.
  7. Numerous off-topic, baiting, bickering posts have been removed along with replies. CONTINUE AND YOU WILL FACE A SUSPENSION. Also, posts violating Fair Use Policy removed.
  8. A post purporting unsubstantiated statistics without a link has been removed.
  9. A post advocating illegal activity has been removed.
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