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  1. Business and commercial surveys are not allowed unless approved in advance.
  2. An inflammatory post has been removed along with reply. I suggest you self-moderate your posts or there will be no choice but to issue suspensions. Please, keep it civil.
  3. An off-topic post has been reported and removed. The topic is about Israeli settlements.
  4. Stay on topic or face a suspension. This topic isn't about Kamala Harris.
  5. Troll post reported and removed. Any member is welcome to post regardless of nationality, nor is anyone under any obligation to disclose or discuss their nationality. Comment critical of a source has also been removed. If you don't like the article, feel free not to post.
  6. Troll post removed. Minimizing the effect of deaths is not going to be tolerated.
  7. Posters may want to look at the OP and stay on topic. Not doing so could lead to a warning and possible suspension.
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