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  1. Inflammatory posts reported and removed. Continue and face a suspension.
  2. Troll posts and replies have been removed. Continue posting videos of dubious origin and suspensions will be given.
  3. There has been a recent thread concerning mostly Foreigners who are stranded outside Thailand and would like to return to be with their families. Which option best describes your opinion on the situation. Please feel free to leave a comment. For further reading:
  4. Off-topic post reported and removed.
  5. There are some dodgy books with either outdated, misleading or wrong information. Some of the books and curriculum for English programs are designed by the school themselves, some are done by Thai teachers translating directly from the Thai curriculum. This leads to a lot of mistakes. If the books, curriculum are used by an organization with more than one school, quite often the test is not designed by the teacher, but may come from another school. It will be based on the curriculum or book used. In that case the decision is to have the students get answers wrong or teach them wrong and get answers right. When I ran into this problem, I taught them the correct answer and the reason, but I told them for the purpose of a test they needed to use the answer from the book. So, my students knew that Pluto wasn't a planet anymore, but when asked on the test to name the planets, to list it. It's sad, but it is the way things are. The United States and America are not the same and England is not the UK.
  6. Tourism has suffered enormously in Thailand from Covid-19. In your opinion which of the following best expresses your opinion on when tourism in Thailand will return to it's pre-Covid levels? Please feel free to leave a comment. Here is a link on the expected increase in tourists from China: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1162255-chinese-tourists-set-to-return-to-chiang-mai-in-july-tourism-chief-predicts/
  7. Here's a pinned topic, per member request.
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