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  1. An inflammatory post has been removed. Continue and face a suspension. Keep it civil.
  2. Inflammatory, troll post reported and removed along with replies. Continued stalking and trolling other members will earn a suspension.
  3. Off-topic posts with misleading information have been removed along with replies. The topic is about a Supreme Court nomination.
  4. A post violating Fair Use Policy has been removed. Only post the headline, three sentences and then a link to the remainder of the article.
  5. Empower Foundation, a group that advocates for sex workers, is conducting a drive to get 10,000 signatures and submit a petition to parliament to decriminalize prostitution. Which option best expresses your opinion? Please feel free to leave a comment.
  6. Troll posts removed along with replies. Continued being abusive to members will earn a suspension. Anyone is allowed to post, regardless of nationality.
  7. Troll post removed. Minimizing the danger of Covid-19 is not going to be permitted nor is referring to masks as 'nosebags' going to be allowed.
  8. A post violating Fair Use policy and numerous replies have been removed. I strongly suggest members stay on topic.
  9. Inflammatory post and reply removed. Please keep it civil.
  10. Please don't post personal information such as emails, phone numbers, etc., Use the PM function.
  11. //CLOSED// Not Thailand related.
  12. Off-topic, troll, baiting and bickering posts along with replies removed. Try to stay on topic.
  13. We do not allow the posting of false or misleading information. Please post from a reliable source, that the police were not in uniform. I have trouble believing that a group of police executing a no-knock warrant, whether the commander told them to announce themselves or not, would arrive without full tactical gear. How would anyone know it is really the police if they break down your door and enter with guns if they are not wearing uniforms?
  14. A meme with an unattributed source has been removed.
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