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  2. This seems to be answered, so I will close it. //CLOSED//
  3. Troll post removed. Please use the correct name for the Covid-19 virus.
  4. I totally agree that the emphasis should be on speaking. The series books are good in that they usually don't try to explain grammar, they use it in speaking. These books will start with sentences that are applicable, usable and in a consist grammatical manner. But the emphasis is on speaking. But, yes, it depends on a lot of factors. That is why I asked about how long, how many times per week etc.
  5. A lot depends on how often you will be teaching and what are the schools expectations? Also, what is the language level of the students? If this is a long-term arrangement, then I would tend to go with a book. I'd pick a series that progresses from level 1 on up. The series such as "Let's Go!" give a good foundation. "Let's Go!" is American English. There is a British series which escapes my mind right now, but it is equally as good and goes through the same systematic approach to language and grammar. If, however, this is going to a hit or miss type of thing or very l
  6. Post with foreign quote has been removed along with troll posts. It is a discussion forum, not a photo/meme forum.
  7. Off-topic, baiting, bickering, troll posts removed. Stay on topic, please.
  8. The blood clot issue happens with both AZ and the J&J and maybe related to the type of vaccine that they are. They are both viral vector based vaccines. The blood clot issue appears to affect women much more than men. Although statistically, the number is small, I've never really wanted to be a statistic.
  9. LGBTQAI is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual and/or Ally. I hadn't heard of the AI part. I have seen LGBTQ+ used. The first I saw the AI part was with the coming out story of David Archuleta this past week. He was a contestant on American Idol, season 7. He was the runner up, but had largely been favored to win. He is Mormon and from a very religious family, so it was mildly interesting. At any rate, the acronym is meant to be inclusive. It might be better to try and not include every letter of the alphabet though. I t
  10. Posts removed. Posts without a source have been removed. Continued baiting and bickering will earn suspensions.
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