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  1. At one of the local home front shops where I buy beer there is this girl, probably about 7 or 8 who is definitely farang. It's possible she's a rukung abandoned by her father, but having seen a few I'd say she is almost certainly full farang, dirty blonde hair, green brown eyes. I've never seen any other farang around. She speaks only Thai and seems pretty underdeveloped mentally and cognitively for her age, I often she her wallowing around in food stuffs she has knocked off shelves. I've always wondered about her situation so one day, starting casually, I asked if she spoke English, trying to start a conversation with the woman who runs the shop. After discovering she couldn't say anything in English I said some filler crap before going for the jugular and asking where her parents were. Up to this point the conversation had been only in Thai, but after asking about her parents I received a harsh "no! I!" from the woman and a fistful of my change. They disappeared indoors and I decided to keep my nose out of potentially troublesome business. Still, I always wonder.

  2. I feel stupid writing this but I'm at a loss for what to do.

    Can anyone tell me which condoms of the common ones found in 7/11 are designed for farangs? I've had a couple of problems using condoms I've bought here and the circumference always seems too narrow.

  3. I've met a lot of teachers who do an English program at their school, but they have all said their programs are totally segregated from the student body and represent a tiny fraction of the school's pupils. Do these programs actually cover a significant percentage of Thailand's student population? Or are they reserved for the elite?

    What about the average rural high school student, would they know about the World Wars? Do they learn about things like the American civil rights movement or apartheid in SA?

    As far as what I guess is an allusion to my post about drugs, feel free to PM me or start a thread on the topic as I love discussing drug prohibition and the illusions held by so many people about drug use.

  4. I've been here for a few months now and I'm looking around the school quite a lot and there seems to be no evidence of students learning anything that doesn't relate directly to Thailand.

    I tried to find a map of the world to use in a class and the only one I could find was Cold War. I understand them maybe not learning about the World Wars in Europe, but things like Vietnam and World War II in the pacific must surely be on every school's curriculum?

    I have to do a morning talk once a week about whatever I want, so I chose world news. But not even the teachers that are meant to translate it to the kids have a clue about anything.

    It's worrying that these students are brought up in such an insular environment. It seems like a greater awareness of the outside world would help motivate them to learn English too.

  5. So I've been teaching for three months now on a tourist visa without any issues. I'm on my second one now because the agency couldn't get the stuff together in time for me to apply for a work permit.

    Today my head of department said the government had asked them for my work permit. I just wondered what the risks were and with how much urgency I should be treating this?

    I’ve only got another month to do before I leave the country and I’m reluctant to spent another 4k+ on a second visa trip.

  6. Some info on narcotics in Thailand.

    Guidance for Travelers - Thailand FDA

    Psychotropic Substance Act 1975 Thailand. Long reading. ;)

    PDF files of the various laws can be found at Office of Narcotics Control Board

    Wiki on the psychotropic substance act

    Thank you, these links are exactly what I was looking for.

    My motives are irrelevant to the thread. Don't worry about the visiting hours; I won't be doing anything unless I am totally certain it is legal and I have found others who have tried it before me.

  7. Don't know how you guys feel about this kind of post, but I'm gonna give it a shot either way.

    I'm thinking of getting some very obscure chemicals with psychoactive properties sent in the mail from Europe. I know some of these are not controlled in Thailand, others I'm not so sure of.

    So, does anyone here have any experience with doing anything similar and does anyone know where I can find Thai legislative information in English that would inform me about the law on different substances.

    Lastly, even assuming these are 100% legal, does anyone think it would be a bad idea to go for it regardless? Do you think Thai law enforcement could give you a rough time anyway?

    I'm not looking for any advice on drug use by the way.


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